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Your Essential Guide To The Different Kinds Of Transcription Services and How They Can Help You

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You may have already heard of a transcription service, but do you really know what it is, and, more importantly, how it can help you? Transcription services have sprung up around the globe, and these types of firms offer one particular service: that of transcribing your audio or video files into written format, which can be easily read, accessed, and understood. If you are unsure about the purpose of a transcription service for your organisation, following is your essential guide to the different kinds of transcription services of which you can take advantage.


The Basics on Transcription

Transcription is basically the process of converting an audio or video file into a text or written format. A good transcription service can provide you with a perfect written format of a particular video or audio recording, and this can only be done by a team of trained and skilled professionals, also referred to as transcriptionists or transcribers.

Transcription services are available in various formats, and it is also often done with the use of specialised or customised software. With the use of this software, the transcriptionist should be able to produce a perfect, flawless, and complete written copy from an audio or video file. Transcriptionists can also be highly trained in particular fields, such as the medical field or legal field, which enables them to better understand and transcribe audio or video files related to these fields.

The Industries Taking Advantage of a Transcription Service

Transcription services are being offered by an increasing number of companies, and many different organisations in various industries (such as the aforementioned medical field or legal field) can take advantage of this type of service. In fact, a transcription service has proven useful for other industries as well, such as the corporate industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the academic industry, the financial industry, the media and television industry, and more.

Sub-categories for different Industries

A good transcription service will often provide you with specific sub-categories for your industry. For instance, if you are in the corporate sector, you can take advantage of specific transcription services for conferences and seminars, for board meetings, for annual assemblies, for HR hearings, for events and product launches, for budgeting meetings, and so on.

If, on the other hand, you are in the legal field, you can be provided with accurate transcription services that include PACE transcriptions, IUC transcriptions, transcriptions of witness interviews and statements, and even covert transcriptions.

What to consider

If you are in the UK, however, it is always best to opt for UK transcription services so you are assured of a locally-based service that is completely familiar with whatever industry you are involved in. When looking for a transcription service, make sure it has ample experience in your particular field and can offer you different levels of quality assurance as well.

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