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Your Cover Letter Is Just As Important As Your CV

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Perhaps the worst thing about job hunting is compressing all your experiences and expertise so that they fit a couple of pages. It is no secret that making a resume is a hard job but if your resume is great, it can give you the boost you need in finding a job.

Although, CVs and resumes cover most of the details that you need to tell your potential employer, but it also feels like there is something missing from them. That something is supposed to go in your cover letter. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cover letter writing is as important a skill as resume writing.

So if you have decided to start sending cover letters with your resume in the future, but you have no idea how to write one then don’t worry about it. It is actually quite easy. All you need to do is to continue to read on and you will find out everything you need to know.

A Letterhead is Important for your Cover Letter

Just like a resume, the cover letter also needs to have all your basic information like your name, address and contact number. You can add visual flourishes to it, but remember not to overdo it because after all it’s an official document and making it too fancy can be a bad idea.

Don’t use a very large font for the details in the letter head as that will make it cover a sizeable percentage of the entire page. It should be big enough to be easily legible.

Your Cover Letter Is Just As Important As Your CV

The Recipient details should be there too

After you have given your own details, you need to mention the details of the receiver briefly. The date, the name and the address of the recipient are a must.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

You should simply state the reason for your cover letter in your first paragraph. The reason for that is that whoever is at the receiving end of the cover letter has probably got to go through hundreds of these every day. If you are vague or bury your reason in the subsequent paragraphs, then there’s a good chance he won’t bother reading it to that point. That is why you should respectfully state your reason in the opening paragraph.

Show that you have got it

Don’t forget to mention your qualifications in the cover letter. You don’t need to mention all your qualifications; just those that make you the perfect candidate for the job you are applying for.

 Life after graduation can be hard as your entire time is allocated in sending resumes and CV all along. If you think that only the resume is enough for job searching and hunting, then you are wrong, make sure you add a cover letter along with it so that the employer can have an intense view and perception of you and your personality as well as your skills and work. Be confident while mentioning your work and talents and make sure that you are not adding random parts just to fill in the spaces. Be straight to the point as adding extra detail might put off the employer and unimpress him. Use online help as there are countless samples on the internet which can guide you well. Make sure that the position you are applying for is well suitable for you because you incorporate all sorts of talents and expertise needed for this position.

Author Bio: Alice holds a Master’s degree in finance and has a work experience of almost 10 years in the financial services firm. college research paper She is a portfolio manager and owing to her wide experience in this particular field, she provides financial consultancy to a number of finance oriented firms and writes in her free time for financial magazines and journals.

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