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Work and Study In USA Programs

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work and study at the same time? In the USA, employments are available for international students. One can work during the daytime and take classes in the evening or on weekends. Both part-time and full-time jobs are available for the students. You can get employment with both on and off campus companies. Students are paid with regular American wages. Work-study programmes are also available for both undergraduates and students pursuing their masters.

Permission of Work & Study in the USA for the students

For an international student in the USA, it is important to know about the guidelines and restrictions to be a part of work and study program in the USA. Students are generally issued F1 visa during their study in the USA. According to the F1 Visa, an international student can work and earn during his/her study tenure in the USA. There are certain conditions to be met and complex guidelines to be followed.The restrictions and guidelines are imposed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Every international student undergoing the work and study program in the USA should follow the restrictions issued on their work and study program.

On-campus Employment Options in the USA

There are two options those can opt. Firstly; one can try the on-campus job options. This is easily available on the campus of the college or university they are studying in.

Work and Study In USA Programs

Some of the features of on-campus job-

  • On-campus jobs are mostly not related to your studies.
  • Also, you cannot rely on this job for your financial independence throughout the year.
  • Many schools will ask you to take permission from International Students Office before you join any on-campus job.
  • Sometimes the students are not permitted to do on-campus jobs during their first year of education or first semester.
  • F-1 visa is compulsory for anon-campus
  • Students are eligible for 20-hours per week job in this category of job.
  • If you intend to register for next semester, then you can work on weekends or during vacations on afull-time

Off-campus Employment options in the USA

The second option is the off-campus employment. It has categories and is a bit time taking theprocess of getting a job.

Training Programmes for International Students

There are two training programs available in the USA for internal students in order to get a job. One is called OPT, i.e., Optional Practical Training and another one is CPT, i.e., Curricular Practical Training. With the help of these training programs an international student gains the opportunity of working with paid internships.

Some features of CPT

  • Full-time enrolment in any school with F-1 Visa is mandatory
  • CPT program should be a part of your academics for which you will get an academic credit
  • The job must be on your major subject or field of study
  • International students office should authorize the students CPT program
  • CPT authorization will say whether a student can work full-time or part-time

Some features of OPT

  • Employment should be related directly to the field of study of the student
  • Lawful F-1 status is required
  • If the students are engaged in full-time CPT employment or working more than 12 months under CPT, then he/she is not eligible for OPT

So, before you search for any part-time or full-time job as a student, you are advised to know about every minute detail about the different eligibility criteria.

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