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Windows 10 Is Less User Friendly

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Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft with a hope to remove all the mistakes and unfriendliness of previous version. As the matter of fact Windows 10 undoubtedly possess numerous features. It is robust and highly efficient for an individual as well as organizations. Besides lots of features and robustness, Windows 10 is unable to satisfy people hunger and to know more about its failure, you can simply go through below given article.

Windows 10 Is Less User Friendly

In a recent report of a Computer Repair company, it has been found that Windows 10 issues are on the rise rather than decreasing and continuously ringing bell at windows 10 customer support number . While numerous individuals may have expected that the high volume of technical support calls for Windows 10 issues to have decreased after the a great degree high numbers in the last report, they have rather expanded. Hope to see this issue decrease as individuals get to be adjusted to the new O.S.

They found that the data on each issue for which clients called us for help has increased, and the aggregate number of times we got requires every specific issue. We then accumulate this data, classifying and positioning every particular issue all together from most to slightest tricky.

The fundamental issues in the 2016 Report are as per the following:

  • Windows O.S. and Windows App Inconvenience (61.5%)

  • Reduced Computer Performance/Slow PC (9.5%)

  • Possess Printer Issues (6.2%)

  • Spyware/Viruses/Malware/Pop-Ups (6.0%)

  • Hardware Issue (5.7%)

  • Email Issues (4.9%)

  • Network/Internet/Wi-Fi Connection (2.6%)

  • Data Recovery/Movement (1.2%)

  • Mac App Difficulty (1.2%)

  • Blue or Blank Screen/Failure to Boot (0.7%)

  • User-Caused Issues (0.4%)

  • Phone Issues (0.14%)

  • TV Trouble (0.14%)

This data demonstrates a shift from past reports, especially given the high situation that issues with infections and spyware have held each quarter before this report. As of now, the three principle concerns are issues with the Windows 10 O.S. What’s more, Windows applications, poor PC execution, and, in a shocking leap, issue with printers.

The decrease in calls for help with infection, spyware, and malware contaminations shows that users are turning out to be more proactive in using virus removal software like Internet Security Suite, however increments in sluggish PC performance could be issues with failures to keep software, operating systems, and apps up to date. Windows 10 technical support number would get a great help for you.

Equipment inconvenience, for example, that you might confront with a malfunctioning printer can be extremely difficult to repair, often calling for the services of a specialist such as one of our Certified Level-3 professionals. Issues you might confront with a printer incorporate outside harm to things such as cables, power sources and different parts that might require an expert to fix and, in some cases, replace completely.

It is additionally significant to remember how touchy tech gadgets are. Keeping drink and food near to your PC or cell phone can bring about significant inconvenience, and having a case for your cell phone or tablet is dependably a smart thought to stay away from unintentional harm. In brief, you can make a habit to keep things away from your computer or cellphone to get rid of further problems.

It is difficult to keep each possible issue, however, taking measures, for example, utilizing the “Automatic Updates” highlight on your PC, monitoring and averting Internet security threats, keeping passwords safe, and evading physical harm to tech gadgets will permit you to keep your PCs and cell phones from requiring costly PC repair. Find all the potential issues you might face and how to maintain a strategic distance from them by perusing the full 2016 Computer Repair Report!

If anyway youy caught in such situation where these prevention could not work you just need a expert so call at windows 10 costomer support.

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