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Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your University Degree With An English Course

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Many people, when attending a university, don’t think too much about language courses unless they are getting a language degree. Otherwise, language courses are considered unnecessary baggage to most students. However, what if you had the opportunity to learn one of the most important and prevalent languages in the world while working towards your degree? Should you take that opportunity? The language is English, the answer is yes, and there are a few good reasons for it.

Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your University Degree With An English Course

Job Opportunities

The better your English speaking skills, the more you will be able to do with your degree. As one of the most prevalent languages in the world, English has spread far and wide, creating a need for more English speaking workers in the global market. For an English speaker, this means greater job security as well as better pay. Employers are not so quick to overlook potential employees if they are familiar with the English language.

Personal Enrichment

Learning any language can give an individual a strong sense of personal accomplishment. It is a great task to undertake for sure! Why not, then, choose to learn a language that has a strong place in the scientific, technological, and professional world? You’ll get a strong sense of achievement by making yourself one of the millions of people who have made this choice.

Knowing a Common Language

When you become a proficient English speaker, you’ll be able to communicate with millions of people around the globe—even if they do not understand your main language and you do not understand theirs. Chances are, no matter where you choose to travel with your degree, you will come across unique people who are able to share their cultures with you (and vice versa) by using English as a common language.

Travel Opportunities

This ties in with the previous point. When you share a common language with others around the world, you will have an easier time getting around in foreign countries. This means you will be able to travel almost anywhere without having to worry about a communication barrier.

Additionally, if you take an English course in Dublin, you will be presented with many opportunities to travel with your classmates and learn more about the area’s culture.

Learning with Others

Learning a language is challenging, and it can be isolating. If you choose to enrol in an English class, however, you’ll be surrounded by other students learning at the same pace you are. You’ll be able to learn and study together, and that’s reassuring! It may help you more than you might realise.

Access to More Information

Did you know that 50 per cent of the web pages on the Internet are in English? That’s a lot of content! If you are able to process the information on these pages without having to translate them, you will have an easier time accessing online content. This can help you communicate with others across the world via social media as well as expose you to knowledge that might change the way you study for your degree.

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