Why We Shouldn’t Trust Trailers?

Many people are concerned that they are being tricked by movie makers, especially when they watch a movie that isn’t as good as expected. Let’s face it, the whole filmmaking is based around acting and special effects. So, it is very easy to mislead people with inaccurate messages and portrayals. In this case, it is important for fans to get a glimpse into what new films have to offer. This should allow them to know what kind of films and which producers who are likely to trick them the most. This is especially true suspense, action, horror and comedy films. They could trick people by showing only the scariest, funniest and best scenes in the movie. Trailers could be designed to make us think that the whole movie will be filled with the same exciting things.

Often, people would think that a movie looks fantastic and they can’t wait to watch it. Then, once they watch the movie, they find that all the best, scariest and funniest scenes are already shown in the trailers and there are little left that they can see in the movie. Film fans are often bombarded with PR and marketing messages from online pop up ads to posters to TV ads. We are filled with hope that those high budget films will be so great. In this case, we could spend $10 for the movie ticket and more for snacks, as well as transportation costs, only to see a film that’s no more special than films made exclusively from TV.

In fact, just about any film fans could identify a film that’s less exciting or less impressive than an episode of popular TV series. In this case, we should avoid being tricked by dishonest filmmakers or we will waste money again and again. Unfortunately, there’s no 100 percent guarantee that we will find a film is interesting. As an example, Pan’s Labyrinth is a film that’s widely praised many reviewers and critics, but some film watcher could find it less entertaining than some fantasy/suspense films. However, there are a few things we can do to make sure that we will be able to watch good films.

First of all, although trailers are often designed to trick us, we should still examine it to have basic ideas about the movie. We should read many reviews, not only good ones, but reviews that give lower scores, because they tend to be honest. In this case, it is a good idea to identify reviewers who may have the same taste with us. This will help us determine whether the film will match our taste and preferences. Any film fan has their favourite directors and actors. As an example, some fans prefer Tom Hanks for interesting drama films or Bruce Willis for smarter action movies. If we are still somewhat uncertain, it is a good idea to wait a few weeks after the opening weekend and see whether the general public loves it. However, this step may not be preferable if we are likely to get spoilers before we see the actual movie.