Great Apps and Sites For Students

Great Apps and Sites For Students

Do online resources help students to achieve academic success? Strange question, of course they do. But, at the same time, it is so difficult to study when you have a great amount of distractions in your laptop and smartphone. Fortunately, there are quite many innovations that motivate you to stay on a track, retaining information and gaining your main aim. Here are great apps and websites that can help in the process of study.

1. Positive Reinforcement

This app offers you a positive reinforcement for every new hundred words of your essay typed. A positive reinforcement is a puppy, bunny or a kitten that appears on the screen. It is cute, isn’t it? However, there are some students for whom even thousands of kittens will not help to create the line. They can apply to essay writing service and get professional essay writing help.

2. Another Writing App

It doesn’t let you see the text you are writing until you have finished it. It is definitely a perfect thing for students, who need to practice free writing and just allow to let the thoughts appear on the screen. Later you can check the paper for errors, but there is another great app for it.

3. Hemingway Editor

It is an excellent app for editing. It will not help you with grammar but all problematic sentences will be highlighted. For example some of them could need to be divided, shorten or paraphrased. It can also tell which words should be replaced.

4. Lighthead

More and more students avoid buying textbooks and other reading materials, because they can find most of them in the web. As a rule, you read such materials on your computer instead of printing (of course trying to save trees) and in some time without moving the mouse or touching some keys, your laptop will fall asleep. So, this app can keep your laptop awake while reading.

5. Focusbar

The name makes the goal of this app clear. It helps you to keep focused on the assignments you are busy with until they are fulfilled.

6. ColdTurkey

This is also a kind of control created for Windows. It will block various games and social media during the process of study to save you from procrastinating. The updated version offers to block some certain group of websites you need to avoid.

7. Self-Control

It will help to spend less time for academic assignment, because you will learn how to use time efficiently concentrating on some definite assignment and avoid such distracting sites as Facebook, Twitter or any other lure that can prevent you from doing the task.

8. Wakerupper

Actually, it is rather a phone call than an app. It can wake a student up on an important exam day or remind about a study group. People like it, because getting a call, you are more likely to react. It is also possible to put some reminder of the things you need to do.

9. Negative Reinforcement

It was already mentioned about the positive reinforcement, so it is quite the opposite one. You can set some definite amount of words to be written in a definite period of time and if the task wasn’t fulfilled you see a scary image on the screen. It helps you to keep concentrated on the task during the whole working time.

10. Squirt

This app is useful, in case you have troubles focusing when you read. So, it gives you an opportunity to see one word at time. Especially, you need it when it is necessary to make some big research and read quite many articles.

11. Calculator For Final Grade

It helps to calculate the final result summarizing all grades got for home assignments, projects and other tasks. Some students prefer getting a surprise at the end of the year, while smart ones keep the results under control and know what they have to improve. Isn’t it a great motivation for hard work?