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Why Travel Is Important For Good Health?

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There are many items and activities that are great for your health, which include a good night’s sleep, meditation, and kale. A great addition to these activities is travel because travel offers a huge amount of benefits. Anyone who travels knows the excitement that comes with taking a trip. Research has found that travel is not only exciting but offers many health benefits.

Why Travel Is Important For Good Health?

1. Improves Heart Health

When you travel, you are going to be doing an increased amount of physical activity. This could be you running in the airport, rushing around the city, hiking, or training at a local camp. These increased levels of physical activity can lower your blood pressure and your risk for stroke and heart disease.

According to a 20-year study done by Framingham Heart Study, it was found that women, who had vacationed once every 6 years or less, were almost 8 times more likely to have had a heart attack or heart disease, compared to women who had been traveling twice a year.

2. Improves Mental Health

One of the main ways that travel can improve your mental health is by reducing stress levels. High-stress levels cause a huge amount of health problems like suppressed immune systems and an increased risk for cancer. Most people who take vacations will feel less stressed and relaxed within the first two days of their trip.

Along with improving stress levels, traveling can also lower depression levels and improves your psychological functions. You can also feel the happiness when you are planning the trip because you have something to look forward to. You are also less likely to feel stressed after returning home from traveling.

3. Promotes Brain Health

Travel can help improve your brain health and keep your mind sharp. Travel introduces the brain to new environments and experiences, so it is challenged and starts building resilience at the cellular level. This can help delay the onset of degenerative diseases like dementia. The increased level of stimulation can also improve your concentration and memory, so the more that you can travel and experience the better it is for your brain.

4. Boost Creativity

There is a good reason why many writers and artists travel around the globe to find motivation and inspiration. The brain creates new neural pathways when we travel, because of the new environments and experiences that we have while traveling. This has lead researchers to believe that traveling can boost creativity.

5. Increases Connection with Yourself and Others

Traveling allows you to meet new people and learn about yourself. This usually happens because you are outside of your comfort zone, so you are going end up asking other people for help and guidance. Asking for help and guidance improves your sense of connection with others.

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