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Why School Sports are Beneficial for Students

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Physical activities have been promoted by schools for many years now, and not without supervision and instruction. It is mandatory for schools to have sport facilities in their campus and some of the IGCSE schools in Delhi NCR offer extensive options to the students. Not only do sports foster the students’ love for a particular game, but these extracurricular activities have other benefits for them. We are discussing a few reasons why these sports are essential for the kids:     

  • Fitness   

It is no secret that children who get an opportunity to participate in competitive sports reap the benefits of an optimum body mass in the future. This includes female students as much as male students, which means good for their future.

Involvement is all the more important with the ever-increasing habits of indulging in activities such watching television and spending time on the computer. Good health simply translates into a good lifestyle and a healthy mind.

  • Positive Effect on Academics

Children who indulge in sports tend to be better performers in academics, and that is contrary to the conventional belief that children who are into sports are average in academics. As it turns out, students remain fit and therefore, show up to school more often those who don’t. Studies have shown that those who participate in sports like football and basketball tend to better in subjects like mathematics and physics.

  • Time Management

Time management is perhaps one aspect that doesn’t get the deserved attention. It is not only about managing time well during an exam but about creating a balance between necessary and pleasure activities. Students who aspire to represent their school in some or other activity much reach earlier than the other students do. In many cases, they might have to stay back and practice for an upcoming game, which helps them manage time well between studying and playing.

  • Teamwork & Social Relationships

Most sports are played in groups or teams, which helps in building cooperative abilities. Students learn how to work together towards a common goal by fulfilling a unique part. This allows them to determine their character strengths and find the role for which they might be perfect.

It is common for athletes to form strong friendships with other members of the team. These friendships allow them to go through the thick and thin while maintaining a healthy mental, physical and emotional health.

Apart from these, students inculcate leadership skills that allow them to prosper later in life irrespective of whether they choose a career in sports or not. Therefore, as a parent you must look for IB schools in Delhi NCR that promote sports among children and don’t expect children to become a book worm.  

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