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Why Parents Go On To Refuse Vitamin K Shots For Their Little One

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The main utility of vitamin K is that it helps the blood to clot. This goes on to prevent serious bleeding in babies. With a vitamin K shot, you can keep away from vitamin K deficiency bleeding. The injections could be provided to the baby at the hospital the moment they are born. Most of the injections are provided free at the hospitals. It is really strange that in spite of the numerous advantages it possess parents refusing vitamin K for new born is a story.

Why vitamin K is considered to be important for a baby

As vitamin K helps blood clotting it does prevent any serious occurrence of bleeding. Babies are not known to get enough of this vitamin from their mothers during pregnancy and this is when they are breastfeeding. When there is excess bleeding it could pave way for brain damage and even lead to death. This could be prevented by providing the babies with a dose of vitamin K injections. Once the baby touches 6 months, they are known to input their own supply.

Why Parents Go On To Refuse Vitamin K Shots For Their Little One

The main reasons why vitamin K is provided

The best way to provide vitamin K is through injection. If a single injection is given to the baby at birth it is going to protect the baby for the next 3 months. Since the year 1980, most babies in Australia have been given vitamin K injection the moment they are born. Oral dose is needed to give the much needed protection, as this vitamin K is not absorbed well when it is given by mouth and the impact of the drug is not that long as well. If you opt for vitamin K , the baby is likely to have 3 major doses

  • Dose 1 needs to be provided at the time of birth
  • Dose 2 is provided between 3 to 5 days
  • Dose 3 is given in the 4th If the baby happens to be breastfeed and a point to be noted is that babies who are into formula based food would not need the 3rddose

If the baby is known to vomit after one hour of  giving this dose, then they would need to be provided with another one.

Is vitamin K going to lead to any form of side effects?

Ever since 25 years that vitamin K has been injected to babies in a Australia, their seems to have no form of problems. A few years ago there was one school of thought which stated that vitamin K was linked to childhood cancer but studies could not prove the fact. A careful study was undertaken and on the basis of evidence available there is no link between childhood cancer and vitamin K whether it is provided in dose or in the form of injection.

Reasons for refusal of new born vitamin K should be based on facts and what the other parents are following. It does prevent occurrence of serious diseases.

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