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Why Pakistan Has Become One Of The Riskiest Countries For Business?

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Pakistan was once well known for her emerging business tycoons but recently due to some frustrating conditions Pakistan has been drowned in this regard these unearned suffering are as follows

Why Pakistan Has Become One Of The Riskiest Countries For Business?


Pakistan is suffering from recently enhanced terrorism. Businessmen are now afraid because their confidence level has been overcame by terrorism issues .this is the main reason due to which business news now a days are not much charming .once business was a major contribution towards the enhancement of society but now terrorism has grown to such a level that businessmen lack the guts to face the losses in their work. thus terrorism is also a major tribute to the business’ risk.

Political instability

Political situation in Pakistan is way too distracted than other progressive countries so it does not allows the people to think upon any betterment in the business .our GDP depends upon the business conditions in our society this is the reason why GDP of other countries is more better than Pakistan’s. Political conditions of Pakistan are also the contribution towards the decline in charming business news. It is not that people are UN-mindful of this fact but they are not willing to stand against this disease.

Inflation rate

Basically inflation is the rise in price of goods and services, decline in the real value of money or decrease in the currency rate and loss of purchasing power it means that the people or customers are not buying their products. The current inflation rate in Pakistan is 13.4% while that of Srilanka, Bangladesh and India is 6, 8 and 12 respectively. This shows that Pakistan is very less progressive than other south Asian countries. So business news in this regard is also unpleasant for Pakistan. An increase in inflation rate shows a decrease in currency rate and increase in prices of products.

Realities of Globalization

Globalization is basically the process by which a country interacts with other different parts of World or other countries this relation is developed through different means such as it can interact economically, politically and by culturally. It is also the unification of whole world in to a single society; off course it is not possible until people don’t understand each other but it can be possible if political engagement is enhanced, if personal contact is developed amongst people, if they are connected technologically and if economic integration is developed among different countries of the world thus it also enhances the pleasantness of business news.

Tax free holidays

To induce more purchasing in business, businessmen must not impart heavy taxes on their products, people should be given free hand upon taxes 0n given products. Government should come up with incentive programs for the betterment of their GDP growth; they should offer reduction or elimination of heavy taxes for people. So by this method they can attract foreign investors other than that they should promote growth of particular industry for their better sales in market. For a businessman business news can only be pleasant if elimination of heavy taxes is imparted on products.


In Pakistan for foreign businessmen there are many opportunities to start a business such as agriculture; because Pakistan is famous for her agricultural skills, leather, gems and jewelry; because northern and southern areas of Pakistan are full of valuable gems and stones, livestock and fisheries; because Pakistan’s animals are remarkable, military equipment; because Pakistan’s soil contains meaningful metals, food sector has also proved its contribution towards business, IT sector is important for business, medicines play an important role in the betterment of health so it is also acknowledged in business news.

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