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Why It Matters to Protect Your Home Against Birds

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While birds are certainly fun to watch and feed, too much of a good thing can eventually lead to serious problems for your home. From structural damage to disease and more, it is more important than many house owners realize to protect their property against birds. If you think you may be experiencing bird issues or just want to know what to do in the event a situation arises, here is why it matters to protect your home against birds.

Why It Matters to Protect Your Home Against Birds

Bird Waste Is Corrosive

Yes, bird waste is actually quite acidic, and thus can prove to be very harmful to various types of metals. Thus, if you have metal on your house or various types of guttering, excessive bird waste can over time damage these and other metal parts of your home.

Serious Health Risk

Believe it or not, birds can carry many different types of transmittable diseases. Should you happen to have young children or pets who play in and around your yard each day, having a large number of birds around could prove to be a serious health risk, especially if they are leaving droppings in the yard.

Roof Damage

If there is one thing birds are notorious for doing to many houses, it is damaging roofs. Whether it comes from perching on them frequently, pecking at them in search of food, or deciding to nest in and around a roof, the fact is even a few birds can inflict severe damage to almost any type of roof. If you have birds congregating on your roof, call on pest control experts to offer suggestions and solve your problem.

Scavenging in the Attic

If birds somehow find their way into your attic, expect quite a mess and plenty of damage along the way. To begin with, they will tear up your attic’s insulation and likely start using it for nesting materials, or worse yet decide to build a nest in your attic. Also, they will spend plenty of time scavenging around in the attic, leading to damage of anything you’ve got stored there. Finally, birds in your attic can also pose a fire hazard, since they could possibly block vents or chimneys that could result in a carbon monoxide buildup inside your house.

If you believe you have a bird problem at your home that needs correcting, contact experienced pest control experts who can use innovative solutions to rid your home of these unwelcome guests.

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