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Why Go4hosting Is A Trustworthy Hosting Provider In India?

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Website, in brief can be said to be an online replica of the business a company is dealing in. Instead of visiting a physical office the customers get the complete information about the products and services of a company on their computer. Organizations host their websites to have an effective online presence and to make their products and services available to all across the world. They need an internet connection and it has to be real fast. It requires continuous power. The server and other infrastructure are very expensive and it is not practically possible for every website to have their own infrastructures. This is where web hosting companies step in.

Why Go4hosting Is A Trustworthy Hosting Provider In India?

Web hosting companies have solved many of the technical aspects of hosting a website and given its customers more time and opportunity to focus on their core business. Go4hosting is an ideal example of a web hosting company. It has all the requirements that customers expects from a web hosting company and can claim a place among the top web hosting providers in India.

Data Centers:

The first and foremost requirement is space to house the computer and servers. These spaces are called data centers and it has its own equipment requirements like uninterrupted power, power backups, cooling systems, fire fighting equipments and utmost security.

Go4hosting has its data centers in Jaipur and Noida/NCR and they are spread across 35000 and 25000 square feet with 2000 square feet and 5000 square feet sellable space respectively. Both the centers are well equipped with the latest infrastructure and high quality products like network with high speed broadband connection from multiple carriers, power and power backups (UPS, inverters, generators), cooling systems fire detection, fire alarm and fire fighting equipments, water leakage detection, rodent controlling systems high level enhanced security for data and infrastructure in the form of round the clock security officers and armed guards, CCTV and camera monitoring, biometric card to authenticate access to the center, motion detection and alerts and intruder traps. In addition the data is safeguarded with firewalls and antivirus solutions. The company has its own technically qualified and well experienced team of professionals available to monitor and manage the server and other infrastructure at the data centers.

Reputation of the company:

Go4hosting has been in the market for over 15 years and is a leading name in the web hosting industry. With its impeccable service it has won the respect and trust amongst its clients. Their past customers will vouch for its services.

Services Offered:

Go4hosting offers comprehensive plans of services that include dedicated server hosting. VPS server hosting, business email hosting, shared hosting, colocation services, reseller plans and cloud computing solutions. All its plans are available in both Linux and Windows operating systems. They also run excellent promotions and cost saving offers making all the plans more affordable.

Add on Services:

apart from the hosting options of shared, VPS and dedicated servers, providers also offer services like CMS hosting like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Go4hosting also is an excellent CMS hosting solution provider catering to WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting and ecommerce hosting. Their email solutions also include Microsoft Exchange email hosting, Zimbra email hosting, business email hosting, corporate email hosting and cloud email hosting.

Technical Specifications:

Customers need good flexible packages with decent amounts of bandwidth and disk space. This is more so for websites featuring lot of graphics and pages and have high traffic volume. Go4hosting offers both limited and unlimited plans making it convenient for their customers to select the one most suitable to their requirements and budget. Go4hosting plans are all compatible to both Linux and Windows operating systems. Another crucial requirement expected of a web hosting provider is reliability and availability. Go4hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime and a commitment to deliver the best hosting solutions while keeping the prices low and affordable.


A major concern for every website is security to their data not only from hackers and spammers but also simple humanly errors of deleting data by oversight or unexpected natural calamities. Go4hosting offers strict security and backup solutions with timely recovery of all business operations so that there is no data loss or disruption of services. Firewalls, daily data backup and warning alerts for all suspicious activities and constant monitoring ensure seamless performance.


Every customer will be more confident when they learn that the web host is always available with its expert team to handle any issues. While buying the services this should be one of the considerations. Go4hosting has an excellent customer support team that is available round the clock over chat, phone and email. Their job is to ensure the customer gets all their product related queries answered and have a fully satisfied customer base.

Go4hosting is a trustable one stop solution for all customers looking for any type of web hosting services. The company guarantees of reliable, flexible, affordable and highly secured services.

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