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Why Do Students Fail In UPSC Mains Examinations?

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UPSC mains examination is not easy to clear and involves a lot of hard work and labor. Numerous students qualify for the mains examination, but only a few can successfully qualify it. It happens due to many reasons like improper time management, wrong preparation strategy, and many others. Some of the reasons are mentioned below due to which aspirants fail to qualify the examination.

Why Do Students Fail In UPSC Mains Examinations?

Lack of Time Management

Time management is a crucial for qualifying in the competitive exam. It is important to work on a proper time management as the civil service main examination is not only a test of knowledge but also about the time. You need to answer every question effectively in the given time frame. Time management is also important for the efficient preparation strategy so that you can devote a substantial amount of time to all the subjects asked in the examination. Do not waste your time in studying the less important subjects which do not make a huge difference. Analyze your weak points and devote time to overcome them to qualify the mains examination. During the examination, attempt easier questions and ones you know better first to fetch more marks.

Ignoring Study Material

Ignoring the study material is also a reason for the failure of students in UPSC examination. It is important to study from the study material specifically prepared for the Main exam. It also gives you the idea about the type of questions asked in the examination and how much importance needs to be given to each subject. The majority of students does not refer to the IAS main studies material and concentrate only on model answers. The study material is designed considering the current pattern and syllabus of the UPSC examination. Therefore, it is important for the aspirants to refer to the study material while preparing for the examination.

Wrong Approach during Examination

Many candidates fail in the UPSC examination owing to their wrong approach of attempting the examination paper. They try to solve question paper to test their knowledge which is not the right approach to qualifying the examination. Instead, all the questions which you have a command to fetch as many marks as possible which will help you to qualify the examination. However, there are students who get disheartened by the tricky questions asked in the beginning. It is a negative way of evaluating the question paper. Be confident and attempt those questions first which you can answer well. This will help you to fetch more marks in the examination and come out with flying colors.

Lack of Practice

Another important reason of student’s failure in the examination is the lack of practice. Students do not practice answering essay type answers in the examination owing to which they fail to score good marks. Students must remember that practice makes a man perfect and it implies well in the civil service examination. Practicing writing answers can help you gain maximum marks in the examination. So students should practice as many answers as possible to gain better marks in the examination. Practice is also important for answering the questions of optional subjects. Practice helps you to understand the syllabus properly which is necessary to answer the question.

Choice of Optional Subjects

Optional subjects play a pivotal role in the UPSC examination. Therefore, it is important for the students to pay utmost attention in deciding on a subject. Choose the subject in which you have an interest and it is has a good scoring recently, as it will help you to score good marks in the examination. Study the subject with at most care as good marks in the optional subjects can be a deciding factor to get a top rank.

A large number of aspirants appear for the UPSC examination but only a few successfully qualify. Students should emphasize on all the subjects to gain good marks. Students should avoid common mistakes as listed above and focus on their preparation strategy to successfully qualify the examination.

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