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Why Basketball Players Shouldn’t Just Dribble?

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One of the most basic foundations of basketball is dribbling. It is one of the simplest things we could do. Even toddlers can also learn how to dribble, pass and shoot. Regardless of the weight, material and size of the ball, many children often try to dribble it. In fact, basketball players can be chosen based on their ability to dribble balls. When players can prove that they handle the ball, they will be more likely to be allowed to participate. Not every player is asked to make the final shot, but excellent dribblers can still pass the ball to other players. In reality, dribbling is a skill that must be worked on all the time, even by professional basketball players. Players can make rapid improvements by working hard through correct dribbling drills and fundamentals.

There are a few different level of dribbling skills

  • A defender could be placed in front of the dribbler to pose a token defense. The defender doesn’t try to steal the ball, but only to block the dribblers from reaching the other end of the field. In fact, many professionals players still have difficulty in performing this task.
  • Two dribblers are asked to face two or three defenders. They also need to reach the other end of the field, by a combination of dribbling and passing skills. Players need to make good judgments when making passes, as it requires good timing and solid control of the ball.
  • Dribblers are asked to use the bounce to improve their offensive advantage. This is an advanced skill that players should have, because they will encounter physical contacts with opponents in real matches.

Why Basketball Players Shouldn’t Just Dribble

Dribbling can be a powerful tool for any player and should be used properly. Often, excellent dribbling skill can carve up opponent’s defences and this could lead to bigger numbers on the scoreboard. Dribbling can also be used for

  • Advancing the ball up the court
  • Shortening a pass
  • Improving passing angles
  • Balancing the floor in any half court
  • Gaining good angles in the post
  • Creating open shots
  • Used as essential component of set plays

It is clear that dribbling isn’t only for bringing the ball, but also for gaining specific advantages in the game. So, all players should know exactly how they can use dribbling properly. Too often, players are just dribbling the ball without clear purpose as they are moving about. Once we instill a purpose in any dribbling movement, the team could become a solid offensive team.

Players should also learn ways to disrupt other team’s dribbling activities during the game. The team should be able to accurately determine opponent’s dribbling goal. This could be achieved only if they understand how to use dribbling as a tool of offensive. It will be easier for players to block opponents’ manoeuvres and counterattack perfectly. Dribbling can be the simplest and easiest part of basketball playing, but it can also become very complex and powerful.

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