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Why Back Pain Reoccurs?

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More than half of the human population constantly experiences back pain on a daily basis. This pain often subsides after treatment or therapy but then reoccurs after a while. A chiropractor can identify a number of reasons why back pain may recur. Since the human body spends all of its time standing, sitting or lying down (activities which all affect the back in one way or another), it is quite common to hear of recurring back aches.

Why Back Pain Reoccurs?

Why Back Pain Reoccurs?

Back ache is often grouped into non-specific and specific back pain. Non-specific back pain is often as a result of no particular disease or medical condition, but may occur as a result of an individual’s lifestyle and sudden changes. In most cases, recurring pain from non-specific back aches can be as a result of a sprain. These sprains may be as a result of any one of the following:

Daily routines such as slouching or sitting awkwardly in a chair for long periods during the day.

Also, other forms of daily routines such as lifting and carrying heavy objects. This is often experienced by builders. Pain can also be as a result of pushing or pulling large equipment.

Sudden awkward twists which may have left some lasting damage

Driving seat of the car having an awkward shape, or even long hours of driving. Most people are involved in long commutes and this can have a negative effect on their back. This is because, they often seat in awkward positions for long hours, and whilst immediate pain may not be felt, long lasting damage may have been done.

Overworking the Body


Studies show that up to 88% of people who have had back pain have experienced cases of reoccurrence. This often happens during a period of less than 12 months of having the initial pain. A professor in Brisbane called Professor Doune Macdonald and a team of other experts were interested in understanding what causes recurring back aches. They found a relationship between lower back aches and alternate muscle activities in the muscle fibres within the lumbar spine. Chiropractors often refer to these muscles as your core. Amongst these muscles is the multifidus, which runs the entire length of the human spine and reduces the pressure on your vertebral disks ensuring that weight is often distributed evenly across the back. These muscles often get activated before any other movement can be made in the body. This is a way of protecting the spine from injury or sudden weight changes. People with recurring back lower back aches often display signs of slow reception and late activation in the multifidus muscle. People with stronger muscles often experience less recurrences in back aches. Other causes of back pain can be conditions such as sciatica.

Getting Rid of Recurring Back Pain

Recurring back pain may be rectified through a number of steps. The first is identifying what the cause of the problem is. Afterwards, individuals would be given a structured programme for exercise or manual therapy. There is also some medication to permanently eliminate back aches, however, if the routine that caused the back ache continues, the individual may keep experiencing cases of recurrence.

Recurring back pain is experienced by a large number of people on a daily basis. Most times, recurring back pain is as a result of some activity in your daily routine. Call Fulham Chiropractic to understand the cause of recurring back aches and learn how to eliminate them permanently.

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