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Which Pests Are Most Likely to Sneak Into Your Home In Which Seasons?

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It is nearly impossible to avoid pests completely. At any given point throughout the year, different critters are active. The trick is making sure those pests stay outside and do not see your home as prime real estate, often with the aid of pest control services. Although efforts can generally keep them out, there are seasonal pests that may require a bit more effort to ensure they stay out during their most active times.

Which Pests Are Most Likely to Sneak Into Your Home In Which Seasons?

Spring Pests

Spring is a busy season for many rodents and bugs. Most species have remained dormant during the winter months and use the spring months to feast and breed. Some of the common spring pests that might invade your home include ants, mosquitos, flies, spiders, and rats or mice. You may also notice increased activity from squirrels, opossums, and raccoons as they search for nesting spots.

Summer Pests

During the hot summer months, there are a broad range of pests that may be targeting your home. Mosquitos, fleas and ticks, ants, and flies continue to be huge annoyances. Additionally, wasps, bees, and hornets can become a problem. Termites, often a year round issue, can be more problematic during the hotter months as they seek more moisture, cooler spots, and larger food sources.

Fall Pests

Similar to the springtime activity, the fall months bring an increased pest activity. Many are trying to prepare for the cold winter months that are coming. They seek out places to hide during the cold months that may provide warmth and sources of food. Common nuisances include mice, cockroaches, and beetle-type bugs such as stink bugs and ladybugs. Winter hibernators such as squirrels and bats can be looking for warm shelter spots as well.

Winter Pests

Many pests are not active during the coldness of the winter season, but there are some that can invade and be problematic all year, including during winter. Additionally, you have those species who are seeking shelter and regular food sources to survive the winter. The most common pests to worry about during this time are mice or rats, raccoons, and spiders. You may also discover increased activity with silverfish, carpenter ants, and a plethora of bugs hiding in firewood.

One of the best methods for preventing infestation from any type of pest through the entire year is to use pest control services, like those from Skeeter Beater. Technicians will inspect your home for signs of pest activity, provide necessary preventative treatments, and treat any current invasions—inside and outside your home. The technician can also advise on strategies that prevent invasion, such as sealing gaps, trimming shrubs, and removing sources of moisture or standing water. With their help, you can create a comprehensive attack and prevention plan for the entire year.

The activity levels of many pests can be directly tied to their breeding season and their need to remain near food sources and specific temperature regulation. It is important to make sure that you are taking steps through the whole year to ensure that your home is not a target for unwanted pests. Keeping your home and yard maintained can deter most pests, but utilizing pest services helps provide an extra level of protection.

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