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What You Need To Know About AC Maintenance

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Operating your air conditioning system can easily take up to a good percentage of your monthly energy bill. It is actually estimated that when you put in place a good AC maintenance routine, you can easily reduce your energy costs by up to 25%. This is why it becomes important for every homeowner to r understand some standard AC maintenance needs so they can know when they need to call a professional AC repair technician.

What You Need To Know About AC Maintenance

Frequency of maintenance: The needs of an AC system will generally differ from one are to another depending on the prevailing weather conditions. However, it is recommended that you need to have an AC maintenance visit at least once every year. The best time to schedule your AC maintenance is just when the temperatures start rising and hit the 70 degree mark. This is important because it gives you sufficient time to contact with the AC repair technician of choice so that they can schedule an appointment  before summer sets in; this means you are safe even if you have to wait for  a few weeks before getting your appointment. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures are warm for close to half a year, it may be necessary for you to place your AC maintenance call towards the end of summer.

What you can do: Something as simple as changing the return filter may seem insignificant but in actual sense, this is what ensures that your system receives the air flow that is required for it to perform optimally. Even though it is recommended that you change the air filter at least once a month, there may be special circumstances that will demand that the change be made fortnightly. In a situation where you have pets that may shedding quite a bit of their fur quite a bit or where there are other indoor air quality issues, chances are that the filter will become clogged much faster. There may well be some safety concerns if you want to personally deal with your indoor HVAC equipment; this is why it is never a good idea to handle any AC repair Polk County issues on your own without the input of a certified AC repair expert.

When to call a professional: Apart from the pre-season AC service call, there may be other times when calling an expert AC repair man will be a necessity. Some of these times can include situations such as when debris has gotten into the condensing unit, the outdoor unit is no longer at level or when the system is running full throttle but it isn’t cooling the house. Call an AC maintenance expert when you notice your power bills have started going up without proper explanation.

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