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What Would Be Amazing In Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

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You might be thinking that what is going to be so special in Galaxy note 6, as everyone is discussing about it. We know that you’re actually curious to get acquainted with the notable features of this fascinating model.  Thus, we have endeavored to gather the data, to present the most probable feature of this amazing handset in frontof you.

So let’s find what Galaxy Note 6 is going to offer you:

Releasing time:

It would be possibly in third quarter of 2016, most likely in August.

Screen size:

You would find amazing folded display in this handset.The screen size could beabout 6” – 6.2. You can expect 3D-4Kresolution in it.


The Galaxy Note 6 would come with 8 GB RAM.


You would get opportunity to capture magical moments in special way through its16Mp back camera and 30Mp front camera. Its amazing autofocus and fantasticoptical image stablisationwould help get a smoother click.


It would have astonishing processor of 16 core,of SamsungExynos. The possibilities are to see 2.9 GHz, Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, which would be anocta-core processor.


The Galaxy Note 6 would have very quick charging of taking just ten minutes to charge the complete battery.

Internal storage:

(16/32/64/128/256) GB internal storage could be possibly available in it.


An astonishing4500 mAhbattery is expected in this handset.


The chances are to get a colour choice between white and black and shades.


Following specifications are likely in the coming model;

  1. Dust Proof
  2. Shockproof
  3. Sensors Barometer
  4. Compass
  5. Bendable Or Foldable Display
  6. Heart Rate
  7. Finger print/retina scanner
  8. Spo2
  9. Thermometer

Operating System:

Android Marshmallow is likely in this handset.


The exact information about the price is difficult to tell at this stage, as it is not revealed until the products are launched. But our experts believe it to be about $1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GBP, based on the percentage of general hike in the price of the upcoming models.

Video Recording:

You would be able to record amazing videos with its fabulous 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, and 720p @ 90 fps video recording.

We hope after reading the article you are able to ascertain what would be special in this alluring handset. We would keep on updating the information about Galaxy Note 6, as soon as we would get some more information.

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