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What To Look For When Choosing A Personal Accident Lawyer

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Choosing a personal accident and injury lawyer is a personal decision. Every attorney has a different skill set, work mentality and experience level to bring to the table, some being better suited to accommodate some injured parties than others. To help you make the best decision when choosing a personal accident attorney, we’ve compiled a quick list of what you need to consider before choosing the one for you and your circumstance:

What To Look For When Choosing A Personal Accident Lawyer

Treat the Initial Consultation as an Interview

As much as the initial consultation is for the attorney at Russell Worth Solicitors ( to find out more about you and your circumstance, you should also be taking this time to interview the lawyer. Ask about:

  • What is their area of expertise (if you’ve been in an accident, then an attorney who spends the majority of all of his or her time handling personal accident or injury cases would be ideal)?
  • How long have they been in practise?
  • How do they handle cases (many lawyers will want take over the entire case from start to finish, while others are keen on counselling and coaching their clients so they are able to make most of the lawful decisions for themselves)?
  • Does the attorney mostly represent plaintiffs or defendants (an attorney with a blend of both is fine, though the best circumstance is selecting one that is experienced in protecting you as the plaintiff in the case or defending you as a defendant)?
  • Will this lawyer be personally handling your case?

Many law offices will set up an initial consultation with a more experienced attorney at the firm, and then immediately pass your case on to another who is often a less experienced attorney. This isn’t always a negative, particularly if your case is fairly straightforward and routine. However you will want to find out which attorney you’ll be dealing with directly and meet them as well before investing more time and resources into any given law firm.

Agreeing on a Settlement Goal

The facts of the case have been brought to light and you’ve met the attorney or attorneys who will be working with you. Now it is time to get a sense for how much the attorney believes your case could be worth, and how long it may take. You will also have to advise the attorney of what your ultimate settlement goal is in terms of amount and time.

  • Is your goal to receive a particular settlement amount with as little cost and in as little time as possible?
  • Are you hoping to receive a higher amount than offered by the defendant as quickly as possible?
  • Is your goal to receive as much compensation possible, regardless of the amount of time and resources it may take?

In order to ensure the most positive outcome of your case for yourself, it’s important to be sure that the settlement goals of you and your attorney are aligned. If you’re happy with the lawyer’s experience, feel comfortable with the process, and like his or her plan for proceeding with your case, you’ve found the ideal personal accident attorney to work with you.

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