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What Makes Your Home Vulnerable to Termites?

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If you live in Brisbane, then the one thing you really need to know about is termites. This is because termite infestations have become the main factor when people consider buying a house here.

So, if you have a home here, then termite management, Brisbane professionals say, is the key to keeping your property safe. Here are their tips on how to do so.

Recognize the Signs of an Infestation

The first step to preventing or removing an infestation is to recognize the signs of one. If you find mud tunnels, blistering paint and/or skirting boards, then you know that termites have now entered your home and are eating the wood under these surfaces.

If you have found signs of infestation in your home, do not wait. Take steps to eradicate those termites immediately. If you do not, you could end up having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, or worse, hundreds of thousands because of structural damage to your home.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Do not wait for those warning signs. A better strategy would be to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Keep your home clean – inside as well as out. Ensure that there is no debris lying around that could attract these pesky little creatures. Untreated timber, dead branches, and building materials on your property will attract termites.
  • Storing Wood on Your Property – If you store wood on your property, then ensure that it is kept in an area away from your home and lifted off the ground. Added to that, these storage places should be made out of either metal or cement – never wood.
  • Ensure that you home and the area around your home is kept absolutely dry. Termites breed in moist places, so get rid of all standing water, broken pipes and any leaks you may have in your home.

Call in the Professionals

The best way to ensure that your home is not destroyed by termites is by getting professional exterminators to take care of the job. They will carry out a thorough termite inspection of your property and ensure that it is completely termite free.

They can also install termite barriers to prevent an infestation from neighbouring homes.

If you already have a termite problem, they will treat your home so that the entire population is eradicated.


Brisbane is a lovely city, with a wonderfully laidback lifestyle, stunning scenery and wonderful entertainment. It has a lovely semi-tropical, temperate climate. However, the very climate that makes it an attractive destination for termites. The warm, moist weather is what they need to build their nests and breed.

So, ensure that you have your property inspected for termites at least once a year. Twice a year would be ideal, but at least once a year is necessary. Once you ensure that your home is termite free, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful city that Brisbane is.

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