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What Is The Taj Mahotsav All About?

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Since 1992, the Taj Mahotsav is commended every year at Shilpgram, near the Eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. The celebration spans over a period of 10 days and gives a dynamic stage which showcases India’s rich workmanship, social orders, advancement, culinary delights, music and dances. The charming sight of the Taj Mahal during the Taj Mahotsav makes it an amazing festival. If you wish to immediately head up for the great celebration, then take a Delhi to Agra cab.

To reach the city of Agra from Delhi, you can either drive your way to an exciting road trip, or cover the distance via train. Whatever way you pick, the destination and the colossal celebrations, will clearly be one wondrous experience. So get your Delhi to Agra cab or Delhi to Agra train ticket booked as soon as possible. In this segment, you will become more acquainted with all that you ever wanted to know about the Taj Mahotsav.

What Is The Taj Mahotsav All About

The festival starts with a gigantic parade all over the place with camels and elephants excited as if they were in the triumph parades of Mughals. Trumpet players, drum blenders, talented gifted laborers, craftsmen and distinctive artisans moreover join the parade. Here are the key components that you can experience and observe at the Taj Mahotsav in Agra.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Despite the way that Taj Mahotsav is the right spot to experience the country’s standard ability and craftsmanship, folk music and dance, no event is complete in India without respecting the taste buds of the visitors. There is a never-ending collection of finger licking food from all parts of the country. To be sure, even the finest and elusive culinary treats of Uttar Pradesh can be found here to its exclusive best. Foodies, you know now where to go, correct?

Workmanship and Crafts

Taj Mahotsav is the ground where just about 400 artisans from various parts of the country have an opportunity to demonstrate their imagination. Some of them fuse stick/bamboo work from the north eastern states of India, stone/wood carvings from Tamil Nadu, paper mache work from Kashmir and south Indian states, Zardozi and marble work from Agra, brassware from Moradabad, Bhadohi’s carefully assembled floor covers, Khurja’s stoneware, Lucknow’s chikankari, Varanasi’s zari and silk work, West Bengal’s Kantha Work, etc. Wait, the list does not end here, for there are various other things that also have secured a spot at the Taj Mahotsav and get a wonderful reaction from the visitors at the occasion.

Options for Kids’ Entertainment

Children are the most essential part of any event or celebration. Be it covering the Delhi to Agra distance via train, or staying in a hotel, in the event that you have kids along, then without any doubt, you require all the facilities to satisfy the little ones, or else the entire experience can truly transform into a bad dream for you, no? Along these lines, for the adolescents running with their families, the Taj Mahotsav has enough choices so they don’t feel left out. The Fun Fair offers beguilement to these young ones who are energized and in addition wish to return back for more reliably. There are different rides, and treats, wherein the whole family can have some great time.

Since the Delhi to Agra distance is easy to cover by road in less than 4 hours, as and when you get to know about the commencement of the Taj Mahotsav, you can pack in your essentials and get set for a soul stirring experience at the Taj Nagri.

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