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What Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Treasuring For You?

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When we ask about the Smartphone, it features are really a treasure for the Smartphone lovers. It is quite vividly evident in the Samsung Galaxy S series. With every new model, Samsung surprises its users by more and more additions.


We know the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 could not attain jubilant success. But as it is said we learn by our mistakes, the Samsung has also learnt from the experience of S6 and promised to uphold the quality in every new model.

People have started speculating about the most likely features in the following model, but there is lot of confusion about what is certain and what’s not. To help you come out of this confusion, we have attempted too present the most probable features of Galaxy S7, based on the intensive research. Let’s find them:

The probable time of release: You might say now that why are we telling the time of release when everybody is aware of the fact that the new model of S series are released before the Barcelona tech fest, in March every year. We have secret information for you that it can be probably launched at end of this year.

Price:The exact information about the prices can be obtained from the retailer, once it introduced in the market.  We guess it to be around 649 pound, or a little higher if comes with curved technology.

Design: The Samsung productsalways have grandeur looks.The Galaxy S7 would possibly have sparkling appearance in metal and steel frame.

Body (Build): Many enhancementsare due in its body. It might have awaterproof body, sophisticatedmicrosd slot andamazing battery. There are some chances to see curved technology in it. Thereversible USB Type C could also be there.

Memory: Anoutstanding memory of 4GB RAMis also probable.

Storage: The choice of internal storage would be possibly between32 and64 GB.

Processor:The faulty Snapdragon 810 ruined the show by of Galaxy S6. So people are speculating that Samsung might have its own in it. Thechances are to find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820in it as indicated by the company’s head.

Screen: The 5in screen would be amazing and could possibly have fantastic AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications: Samsung adds tothe new by introducing novel of gadgets and gizmos. Theamazing fingerprint scannerseems to be a new addition in Galaxy S7.

Camera: It is very much in this air that this new model would have a big wonderful camera. Though the information can have some degree of truth in it, we have to actually wait till its release to find the real truth. A 16Mp sensor andsuperb optical image stabilizationwould be definitely present in it.

Software:Android Mwould be possibly preloaded in it. The Samsung user interface, TouchWiz can also be there in Galaxy S7.

We hope you have got an idea about what Samsung Galaxy S7 treasuring for you. Keep visiting for more information.

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