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What Is Cervicogenic Dizziness And What Are The Symptoms

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Cervicogenic dizziness can be defined as just vertigo which is caused by the posture of the neck which has got nothing to do with the gravitational orientation of the head. It is an ailment that comes as a result of neck disorders. Cervicogenic dizziness originates from the changes that occur pathophysiologically right in the inner ear, head or neck region as the case may be.

Like vertigo, cervicogenic dizziness is a kind of cervico condition i.e. a condition that is related to the neck as well as a kind of vestibular disorder that is related to the inner ear. However, not all cases of dizziness (vertigo) that occur in the neck region happen as a result of vertebrobasilar pathology. Receptors located in the apophysial joints of the cervical spine are responsible for the maintenance of equilibrium in the body.

Cervicogenic dizziness is one of several cases of dizziness that comes as a result of some kind of mechanical disturbance that occur in the neck region of the human body. Once cervicogenic dizziness is properly diagnosed, it can be treated.

What Is Cervicogenic Dizziness And What Are The Symptoms

Distorted information will be obtained from this area if the neck is injured because there will be a disagreement between different signals as touching the information that is obtained from both the eyes and the inner ear. And because the brain is confused about the conflicting balance signals it receives from the eyes and the inner ear, the patient will begin to experience dizziness, lightheadedness or to begin to feel like floating.

Symptoms of Cervicogenic Dizziness

When a person is suffering from cervicogenic dizziness, pain will be experienced in the neck and shoulder region. The ailment is also accompanied with headaches and nausea which gets even worst as the involuntary movement of the head continues.

What Is Cervicogenic Dizziness And What Are The Symptoms

Just as its name implies, dizziness is another common symptom of cervicogenic dizziness. It is known as a sensation of feeling off that makes a person to begin to feel lightheaded, unstable balance and a floating experience. Please note that the spinning of the head is not a symptom of cervicogenic dizziness. Symptoms often aggravate when the muscles of the neck are weak.

In physiotherapy and physiotherapy Cambridge, Cervicogenic dizziness can cause a disabling effect on its patient as a result of postural unsteadiness with is caused by the movement of the neck. With this a patient can find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention. Patients of cervicogenic dizziness often wonder how the neck could make them feel dizzy. It is the neck that provides vital information about the way and manner the head is position, which is organized and coordinated with the information obtained from the eyes and the inner ear. It is only when all this information are properly put together (obtained) that a normal sense of balance can be obtained.

As soon as a person begins to feel any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor who is a specialist in diagnosing and treating problems related to dizziness and the inner ear. It is then at this point that the doctor will carry out necessary evaluation of the symptoms and then determine the cause of the dizziness.

Do not begin to take medications at will until the doctor has diagnosed, verified and ascertain the root cause of the dizziness. As soon as the doctor discovers that the source of the dizziness is from the neck, then will the patient be referred to a physical therapist who is a specialist with the treatment of cervicogenic dizziness.

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