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What Is Blood Cancer And Its Symptoms

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Our Blood comprises of different types of cells including Red Blood cells and White Blood Cells where the Red Blood Cells works for carrying oxygen, platelets to help blood clot while the white blood cells use to fight against infections. These all are originated from the Stem Cells which can develop into any type of blood cell as they divide and mature. In case any problem occur in this process then it is named as ‘differentiation’ which are at the route of all blood cancers.

These problems can be occur due to the various types of blood cancer.

Blood cancer manytimes results in producing great number of immature cells through your body which can’t perform their job properly. They often clog up our bone marrow which can prevent other type of blood cells too from doing their job properly.

You must be aware of the fact that Blood Cancer has affected a large number of people. Survey has shown that in every 15 minute, one blood cancer patient is found in UK which concludes that 100 people in a day and 38000 people in a year become the victim of this life threatening disease.

Have a look to the below mention article in order to know more about blood cancer and save yourself or your loved ones from Cancer. This disease is classified mainly into three group –

  • Leukaemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Myeloma


These cancer types target mainly your Blood cells and especially white blood cells and bone marrow. Leukaemia cancers are able to divide themselves very quickly as well as they don’t develop properly which affects our immune system and reduce its capability to fight against infections.

Leukaemia types are either acute or chronic based depending on they behave. Aggressive  blood cancer treatment is needed for the ‘acute’ conditions which progress themselves too quickly. However, such straightway and intensive treatment may not be needed for the “chronic” conditions that develops slowly.

Types of Leukaemia are as follows –

  • Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML)
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL)
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Further types of Leukaemia also include  –

  • Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APL)
  • Hairy Cell Leukaemia (HCL)
  • Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukaemia (LGL)
  • T-cell acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia (T-ALL)
  • Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML)

What Is Blood Cancer And Its Symptoms


Lymphoma is a cancer type that can develop in several parts of our body such as lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood, spleen and other organs.

It targets your lymphatic system considered as an important part of our immune system which use to produce and transport white blood cells throughout the body as well as remove waste products from our blood.

Types of Lymphoma are as follows –

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma


Myeloma, third type of the Blood Cancer also known as Multiple Myeloma which targets a specific type of white blood cell referred as a plasma cell. Plasma Cell are develop in our bone marrow which produces antibodies to fight against infection.

Cases detected for the Cancer in India

Adults are often seen becoming the victims of the blood cancer but recently reports has shown that a large number of Children are also being diagnosed with cancer every year. As per the Hospitals registry in Hyderabad 2017, 5% of the total cancer patients were children.

Every year, 50,000 cases for childhood cancer are being detected in India in which Leukemia has the highest incidence. Indian doctors are contributing towards 30% of survival in Childhood Cancer however, this percentage is quite high in developed countries upto 80%.

Treatment of Leukaemia Cancer in Children

Leukaemia Cancer can be properly treated and it can give an excellent prognosis in Childhood Cancers as compared to adult cancer. Often, it has seen that Leukemia Cancer symptoms are ignored by parents and even sometimes doctors fail to suspect the cancer resulting into delay of treatment.

In Private Hospitals, cost for treating the cancer is very high and Government hospitals are pulling the huge burden of treating the Childhood cancers. Screening test are also not recommended for treating cancer in children who are at the initial stage.

Although, cancer in children is not so common till now, but still it is crucial for the parents to get their child checked by a pediatrician if your child is showing some unusual signs or symptoms which are persistent given as –

  • Bruising and Bleeding
  • Unusual lump or swelling
  • Increasing or sudden paleness and loss of energy
  • Ongoing pain in one area of the body such as bones, joints back etc.
  • Limping or Easy Fractures
  • Sudden Fever or prolonged illness
  • Unexplained and frequent headaches frequently with vomiting, change in behaviour, balance gait, enlarging head.
  • Sudden Eye or Vision Changes, new squint, bulging of eyeball.
  • Unexplained Weight loss.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

There are various symptoms of Blood cancer and some common symptoms are as follows –

  • Feeling so weak and Breathless
  • Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Swollen Stomach or Abdominal discomfort.
  • Frequent and repeated infections.
  • Fever/ Night sweats
  • Itchy skin
  • Bone Pain (Ribs/Back)
  • Fatigue
  • Easily bruising or bleeding

If you or anyone else surrounding you is suffering from these symptoms then you should suggest them to visit your doctor or a cancer specialist who can further test you.

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