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What is anger and its types and how to control it?

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How to control anger. How many times throughout our lives, we will have asked ourselves this question. “I need to control this rage that I have all over my body, but I am not able” or “I feel that I explode inside in this particular situation” are some of the claims of people when we ask them what they think of (or why the body) in moments of anger.


We have all ever experienced anger in our bodies as a result of different uncontrollable situations, personal problems that generate frustration or fatigue, envy and insecurity, traumatic memories, situations in which we do not accept what is happening or even certain people whose form of acting bothers us or does not represent us, … Sometimes we have certain expectations that when not fulfilled produce frustration and can trigger anger or aggression. But do we know how to define anger and how to manage anger?


Among the changes that occur in our body when we feel anger we can find an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, damage to the circulatory system, sweat, increased muscle tension, redness, difficulties in sleep and / or in digestion, less ability to reason and think coherently.


All emotions are necessary, useful and have a specific function in our life. Yes, anger is necessary and useful because it helps us react to any situation that we interpret as a threat, or helps us cope with any situation that interferes in some way with our goals. It gives us the necessary courage and energy, and reduces our fear in order to face adversities and injustices better.


On many occasions, anger appears hidden behind other emotions (sadness, pain, fear,) and manifests itself as a kind of defense mechanism. Discover what emotions are. Anger is a very strong emotion that becomes a problem when we are unable to maintain control over it. If we are not able to control it, anger is capable of destroying the person who feels it or even its surroundings by preventing thinking in a coherent way and driving the person to act in a violent and hostile way. Experiencing anger in an extreme way can harm both your physical and mental health, put barriers in your social relationships and generally affect your quality of life.


Types of Anger

Anger can occur in 3 different ways:


When we are unable to achieve our goals, we sometimes use violence as the “easy method” to achieve them. Or put another way, we use rage and violence as an instrument to achieve what we crave so much. Instrumental anger usually occurs especially in those people who have poor self-control and poor communication skills. Discover these assertiveness techniques. There are other ways to convince someone.

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