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What I Have Learned from Blogging For Over 4 Years

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In order to be a professional blogger (which implies a quality of work), you need to learn the basics first. Good and professional bloggers do not rely on the writing solely; they are often responsible for formulating the topics that will be covered on the blog, writing methods, promotion of texts, interaction with readers. These are the facts about the practice of using a blog when it is used for entertainment, relaxation, internal jokes, information and so on, but also for business or other use. I found these helpful over the years of writing blog posts.

You need experience to write quality articles

What I Have Learned from Blogging For Over 4 Years

A blog is a very good platform to practice writing quality articles that serve mostly to the enrichment of vocabulary and to provide more knowledge. In order to gain experience, regularly writing on your personal website can help a lot and afterwards you can start with professional writing for various magazines and newspapers. So, before you start writing on your blog, it is good to have experience in writing press release articles on the same topic you will use for the blog.

Selection of a theme is important

This is something you should especially pay attention to. Why? Because we live in a time with variety of topics of great interest for thousands of bloggers and your blog is to be unique. If you opt for fashion for instance (having in mind that this is one of the most popular topics nowadays), you have to be original. Turn your imagination on. Of course, you can always take a look on the other blogs and see what is happening but try to create something no one has seen yet. It can be hard, but this is exactly the most important part of blogging. Topics simply mustn’t be boring or narrow. One of the easiest ways to find “a formula” for a good piece of writing is placing topics in the context of your genuine opinion. Because only you can express your thoughts the way you think it’s the best and you will avoid repetition and dull stories.

Topics that are not covered well

What I Have Learned from Blogging For Over 4 Years

No matter what is the hottest topic in the world, there are also a lot of different topics from all possible areas that are not well covered. These are the best topics to be taken as a subject of the blog post. High quality processing of topics means that you write about something that can really interest your readers, but it is also easily fulfilled with some examples from practice. Don’t avoid hard topics. If you consider yourself a writer, you should know that you have to write about anything. Even if the topic is absolutely different from everything you have ever written, broaden your sights and explore it. It’s a new venture and you can demonstrate your skills. Be sure to read what others have written on this subject, especially in languages other than the local. You might find some inspiration there.

Linking the text content to substantiate your claims

The more external sources which confirm what you want to say and the more these sources are relevant, your writing will be more compelling and you will be in a position to help readers to objectively believe in what you are writing. Linking content, which in the context of your statement unambiguously confirms what you want to say or write, is showing that what you write is not just a simple “word stacking”. The way in which you confirm your claims will determine the belief that you will “win” when someone who does not know you, reads the text and believes you. In addition, the relevance of writing is achieved in that the text holds what your readers are interested in, but it is not enough that only readers are interested in the subject – the subject must intrigue the readers.

Critics are not a problem

One of the biggest problems that the Internet, blogs, and social networks bring is that you can easily get into a situation that you get negative comments about you and your work and blogging. If you seriously want to use the Internet to communicate and, furthermore, to create a quality blog, you must be prepared for criticism and negative arguments in a completely calm way. Blogging and social media activity are communication to the public, which means that your every action can cause a reaction that you might not like and thus create even worse situation.

Quantity is important

Unfortunately, people nowadays do not have much time at their disposal, which means that, in general, they do not have time for long texts (blog-posts) unless there is good reason (interest from readers) why such a long text should be read. The less is more. Learn when and how to round up the topic. Of course, no one will take you seriously if you have, let’s say, 100 words per topic, but you have to balance between short and long text.

Bonus: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Now, the reality of a writer’s work day is that most of it is spent in a chair in front of a screen. While this will enable you to work from virtually anywhere what a reliable connection, this lifestyle could also have a dramatic effect on your overall health. So invest a few dollars in a good chair, a HQ monitor and make exercising a daily habit. What’s more, in order to maintain a healthy diet, consider using services like Home Chef that deliver food right to your door. And trust me; your body will be more than thankful.

Final Thoughts

Finding readers may not be easy in the beginning, but if you concentrate on your work and manage to create quality content on a regular basis, you’ll surely gain a nice following after a while. Even if you feel like your readership is too small even after a year, just continue to practice the methods we mentioned above, and the people will come to you eventually. And keep in mind – there’s no such thing as overnight success.

Vanessa Davis is a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast, mother of two and content writer at She’s originally from Long Island, New York, and when she isn’t cooking up some new health and fitness article, she enjoys doing yoga and figuring out new, delicious organic-based recipes for herself and her kids.

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