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What Happens in Your First Session With a Fitness Trainer?

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Fitness Trainer

Have you lately wondering about hiring a fitness instructor? However, the thought of getting started is making you feel a little intimidated as it is being your first time. It is quite understandable as it happens.

Perhaps you must be imagining what it will be when you will meet your personal trainer in the gym or health club. Will your trainer be pushing you to complete your reps without giving you enough rest time? Is it a good idea to work with a personal trainer? You don’t need to worry thinking about all these things. Phew!

Worry not, as your first session with your personal trainer won’t be as you are imagining. Instead, the first session will be quite easy-going as you will be sitting for a long discussion with your personal trainer (who is fitness trainer certification  holder) to uncover your fitness goals and would like to know your daily diet and routine. This way they get an idea and will be able to create a customized fitness program to help you accomplish your goals.

Through this post, we shall walk you through some of the different aspects that your personal trainer will be discussing in your first session.

There will be typical paperwork done, you will be walked through the gym to show the space as well as the machines, and maybe you have enough time the same then they might do a brief workout session.

Let’s have a look at what all aspects are covered by personal trainer who has done fitness trainer certification during the first session in detail:

Completion of the Form:

First and the foremost thing you will be requested to fill up the form. It will be a general questionnaire in which you will be asked about your present health status, injury in past or present, any medical condition and much more.

Discussion on Your Fitness Goals:

Next, your personal trainer would like to discuss in detail your goals and hurdles. Why do you wish to work with a personal trainer? What you are expecting from your personal training sessions? How important are your goals to you? Well, this is the right time when you can open up with your personal trainer and try to understand what all you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Lifestyle Awareness:

After this, personal trainer (who has done fitness trainer certification)would like to dig a bit deeper to understand your eating habits and what all changes they want you to incorporate to reach your goals.

Conduction of Body Assessment and Light Workout Session:

Last but not least, your trainer would take you to for conducting a body assessment so as to understand the current status of your body composition and the fat ratio in your body. A little workout session will also help them understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Now you know what will be happening in your first session with personal trainer (who has done fitness trainer certification).

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