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What devices are suitable for cleaning air?

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Air is arguably the most important thing needed for the survival of human beings because they need to breathe and so do other animals. When we respire, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide for the existence of plants. These processes give plants and animals the energy to eat, grow and survive. Lack of air could lead to suffocation in humans because we can’t live without it as opposed to food and water that we can do without for a while. Air is all around us and it is present everywhere on earth.

How the body uses the air we breathe in?

We breathe in air through the nose. This air goes down to the windpipe through the back of the throat which then divides into air passages called bronchial tubes. Oxygen from the inhaled air then passes through the alveoli walls into the blood. The blood goes to the heart and the heart pumps the blood through the body to provide oxygen to all the cells of your tissues and organs. One of them is the brain, which uses 20% of the oxygen inhaled. As the cells make use of the oxygen, carbon dioxide is produced and absorbed into the blood which is then carried back to the lungs and removed from your body when you breathe out. However, the indoor air quality we breathe in at home can be threatened by apartment size appliances such as apartment size stoves. This is especially when we have a compact kitchen. However, it is possible to look out for appliances that are air friendly and that does not produce pollution.

Devices for cleaning the air

Air cleaning devices are used for purifying the air, it helps to remove contaminants that are present in the air and there are several of them. These contaminants present in the air would determine the device that would be used for its cleaning. They are the type of contaminants present to be removed, how concentrated the contaminant is in the air, the number of contaminants to be removed to meet standards, the size, and type of dust particles, its humidity, and temperature, the safety, and control of the explosion of fire as well as control and regulations of air pollution. Some devices that can be used to clean air include Electrostatic filters which collect the particles within the machine when they are charged, Basic and HEPA filters which traps the particulates in it, UV lights take care of microbes and sometimes viruses too, Ionizers and Ozone generators which make the particles stick to the surfaces of the room, Activated carbon filters tackles bad odor in the home etc.

Why we should breathe in clean air?

Breathing clean air is important for us to survive and live healthily. We should breathe in clean air to improve our blood pressure and productivity, better sleep and good immune system, improved digestion, reduced allergies, cleaner lungs, longer life span, improved mood as well as reduced medical cost. Breathing in polluted air affects the lung and respiratory organs leading to terminal illnesses such as the increased risk of having heart disease, respiratory diseases such as asthma, stroke and lung cancer… Air cleaning devices help to contain these dust particles thereby reducing its health effects which are associated with inhaling a foul odor to the barest minimum.

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