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What Are the Types of Civil Lawsuits?

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Criminal and civil case

Criminal cases comprised of enforcing a code of behavior of the public, which is codified as per the state’s law. In cases of criminal, the government prosecutes people for law violation. Punishment in case of criminal comprised of community services, prison, probation and many more. Civil cases comprised of disputes between institutions or people regarding money matters.

A civil case generally initiates when one party claims to be harmed due to the action of another party and plead in front of a court for compensation. Civil courts manage a diversified range of cases comprised of a lot of legal problems. A tort is defined as wrongful action other than contract breaching. This in result leads to injury to someone’s property, reputation and many more for which the person who is injured is entitled to compensation from the other party. This type of case includes several factors like injury of personal type, defamation, negligence and many more. If any person faces such kind of situation it is recommended to that person to seek help from the civil lawyers Perth for a best possible solution regarding the case.

civil lawyers perth

Civil Lawyers

Contract breaching

A case of contract breaching typically initiates from the failure of a person to follow a few contract or agreement’s terms. The contract could be of the form oral or written without a few legal issues of legitimate type. Case comprising claims for things like a failure for job completion, payment is not done as per the law mentioned in the contract, failed to deliver goods at the given time interval and many more. These sorts of cases are well handled by civil law lawyer and it would be better to take the guidance of them regarding such issues. A claim of equitable type pleads in front of the court to order a person to stop the action. It might or might not be accumulated with monetary damages claims. Cases in which the part wants an order of restraining type to put a pause on something is termed as an equitable claim. A civil court also manages the problem between tenants and landlords. These types of cases comprised of the action of the landlord in which the tenant is being forced by the landlord to evict the property rented. The tenant filed a case against the landlord for not returning the security deposit at the time of eviction. This kind of problem is well handled by the building dispute lawyer Perth.

Stages of civil lawsuits

A maximum number of civil lawsuits are categorized in numerous stages. At the stage of pre-filing, the problem arises and the demand was presented by the party. The civil law lawyers try for negotiation regarding the resolution and develop a situation for the best option from the action of the court. At the stage of initial pleading papers were filed by one party for starting the action of the court and the other party is responsible for filling responses against the complaints. During the stage of discovery, information was exchanged between the two parties. Best civil lawyers Perth could gain deep knowledge about the weakness and strength of the other party from the information exchanged. At the stages of pre-trial, the parties begin the trial preparation. They start to organize their witnesses and evidence as per the case. It is also possible that they could be engaged in some sort of conference of settlement. They could file responses in front of the court for resolving the case or limit the trial issue.

Trial stage and outcome

At the stage of the trial the case is presented in front of the jury or judge and they focus on the entire case. It could take a couple of hours and it would entirely depend on the case complexity. After that, the evidence is presented and the witnesses are examined in front of the court. Eventually, the decision of the case is presented. During the stage of the post-trial both the parties could appeal for judgment as per the judgment made in the trial. However, it is also true that all the cases of citizens do not follow the above-mentioned stages. To have better knowledge about the involved stages in civil cases it is better to communicate with the civil law lawyer.

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