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What A Job As Dentist In Kensington Demands and Ways To Overcome Them

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People think that the job of a dentist in Kensington is easy, but this is not the case.  Being a dentist in Kensington is quite demanding for three main reasons. First, one has to cater to a large variety of customers who may have special needs. Second, one may encounter customers who are in danger of getting complications or side effects from tooth extraction. And third, one may suffer from lack of customers due to the prejudice that people have for dentists in general.

While having a large number of customers from all walks of life and all age ranges can be good, this can pose serious problems and challenges. Children may have learned to fear dentists because of the way that parents have used them as a tool for instilling discipline and good behavior- e g “If you won’t behave the dentist will get you!” And so, making children calm down and open their mouths wide can be quite difficult. Having lollipops and ice cream for fearful tots often work well, but teaching children that sweets are bad for the teeth then seeing a dentist hand sweets so freely can be confusing fro smart children. Then, there are those who just have a fear of long needles, or who quake at the sight of a syringe. Having a patient faint because of some deep-seated phobia is a possibility.

What A Job As Dentist In Kensington Demands and Ways To Overcome Them

On the other hand, there are the elderly who may be suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. One has to be strict in asking them first to give a doctor’s certificate before they can enjoy simple tooth extraction. Even those who have asthma can pose problems if they fail to divulge their health problem and start having an asthma attack while sitting in the comfort of the dental chair. This might not happen at all, but a dentist in Kensington has to be ready for any untoward incident.

Without a doubt, being a dentist in Kensington is very important. After all, dental health is closely connected to heart health, though not many people know that bad teeth can end in heart disease. However, there can be times when more customers would be most welcome. Still, it happens that some days may become too quiet. May be this is due to the bad image that people have painted, unknowingly, about dentists.  As stated earlier, there are those who wield the name dentist to impose discipline and control of their children’s behavior. Even cartoons often depict the misery and pain that dentists can wield on patients, like the popular Finding Nemo film. These practices only place dentists in a bad and very difficult position. They not only have to work overtime to help their patients, they have to work doubly hard to fight the stigma that has stuck to the name dentist.

So, how to go bout fighting the bad images that people may of dentists in general, or dentist in  Kensington in particular?  Advertising can help. One need not spend much, especially today when countless people are into social networking. Chatting on Face book with friends or having a Twitter account can help. One can post blogs or maybe even put up a website.  These can help build one’s image as dentist in Kensington, and help gather customers through word of mouth.

Having a very attractive clinic façade can be most helpful, or having a clinic in a popular place such as a friendly mall or shopping center where one can greet many people with a smile.

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