Ways to Protect an Office’s Loading Area

The average employee may not think about it when he or she reports to work each day, but offices can make a good target for criminals. Those who are looking to steal items that they can sell easily or perhaps even gain entry to the building for corporate espionage are always a threat. These individuals won’t necessarily come through the front door. Many offices have loading areas at the rear that trucks and delivery services use, depending on the type of business. This area can potentially be vulnerable, but if the office has a security force, it can dramatically reduce the likelihood that people get in through this area. Here are some ways that the security officers can protect the loading area.

Restrict Vehicle Access Near the Area

You want to ensure that only authorized vehicles are able to get near the loading area. This prevents unwanted individuals from parking in this area, looking for an opportunity to get in when the loading door is open, and then quietly slipping into the office. The simplest option is to have gates blocking anyone from driving to the back of the building. There are several options for allowing access. For example, a delivery vehicle that arrives at the gate can press a buzzer that rings in the building’s security office. The security guard can then confirm the identity of the driver and remotely open the gate.

Have a Guard Stationed Nearby

The physical presence of a security guard or multiple security guards around the loading area can also deter anyone from attempting to circumvent the gate and gain access to the loading area and beyond. Depending on how sensitive the information or valuable the products in your loading area are, you could have a security guard stationed inside or outside in this area around the clock. Otherwise, having someone who patrols the office and regularly walks through the loading area is effective.

Use a Security Door to Prevent a Breach

The roll-up door that leads from the exterior of your building to your loading area should be heavy duty and locked unless someone is actively making a delivery or picking up items under the supervision of a staff member and/or a security guard. Any damage to this door, which could potentially take place if a truck were to back into it, should be fixed right away so that the door doesn’t have a lack of integrity.