Top Places to Stay While Away From Home and Save Money

Top Places to Stay While Away From Home and Save Money

Your home is where your family stays while in the city or state you live in. No matter where you go during the day, you always wind up here at night. However, when your family hits the road, you need a place to stay, but you also want to save money.

Go Camping

If your family is the outdoors type, pitching one large tent or several smaller ones lets everyone get some time under the stars at night and closer to nature during the day. Not only can camping be fun, but renting a camping space can be considerably cheaper than hotel reservations. You can save a lot of money doing this.

Rent an RV

If everyone is okay with somewhat tight quarters, an RV can be a way of taking your temporary home on the road and staying in RV parks or campgrounds. The right vehicle will have all the sleeping, amenities, and entertainment you need while getting from here to there. Plus, there will be no constant packing and unpacking from changing hotels in every city you visit.

Get a Vacation Rental

If your trip truly is a family trip, why cram everyone into different hotel rooms? A vacation rental lets you have a home away from home. Depending on the rental, you’ll likely have a living area to enjoy resting in. A kitchen can let you get your own groceries and save even more money from not having to eat out all the time.

Stay With Friends or Family

If you have relatives or friends in the area you want to visit, why not combine some time with them with your family trip? You can catch up with people you love or love being around and get a few free nights under someone else’s roof.

Go During Off-Peak Times

If you’re going to a tourist area, there’s likely a time of year or part of the calendar where it’s off-peak. That might be when the weather isn’t as great as other times, such as when kids are in school, or just during the week instead of a weekend. Whenever it is, it usually means savings, discounts, and deals.

The more money you can save on your vacation accommodations, the more you have to spend on travel, entertainment, activities, eating out, and shopping. You might even be able to afford a longer vacation. All of which allow you to enjoy your time with your family even more.