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Ways To Foster A Love Of Learning For Your Children

2 Mins read

In an increasingly competitive academic world, many kids find it difficult to muster enthusiasm for subjects like math and science. However, these subjects don’t have to be intimidating. Here are a few tips to help encourage your children to dive into learning with a positive attitude so they’ll have fun while doing so.

Ways To Foster A Love Of Learning For Your Children

Shift the Focus Away From Grades

Although they’re well meaning, many parents fall into the trap of only thinking about grades and test scores instead of encouraging an active learner. This can actually have a negative impact on your child’s feelings toward learning and school. To break out of this cycle, try to focus on what and how your child is learning rather than a specific outcome at school. For example, if you’d like to see your child hone his or her problem solving skills, try introducing Ozobot, the robot designed to help children learn computer programming in a light-hearted way.

Encourage Hands-On Learning

Sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day is mentally draining, and when kids come home for the evening, they don’t want to be faced with more “canned” learning like worksheets and flashcards. Instead of drilling them on mundane subjects, use new technology to promote hands-on learning that will make a big impact. When your child uses their imagination and creativity to program Ozobot, they’ll learn the basics of coding and potentially spark a lifelong love of computer science and robotics, jumpstarting their future success.

Praise Their Achievements

It’s only natural to want the absolute best for and from your children. You see their intelligence and potential and want to bring it out to promote brilliance in their academic studies. However, this can often manifest in being too hard on your children. They’re already under a lot of pressure at a young age to perform well in school, and too much criticism can be disastrous for young learners. Instead of constantly staying on them about how to effectively manage study time, change the focus to center around praise. It’s likely that your kids are accomplishing a lot at their young age, and their achievements should be celebrated and praised at every opportunity. Kids want to make their parents proud, so put on a lens of positivity and actively seek out ways that your children are doing well. When you start to focus on areas in which they’re excelling, it will be easy to find plenty of instances in which your child deserves recognition.

Use the Robot to Promote Confidence

When your children use their problem-solving skills to customize the robot’s actions to their own imagination, it’ll build confidence and leave them ready to continue learning. One of the great things about finding inspiration from is that your children can learn that coding has endless possibilities, which encourages constant experimentation in a fun and exciting environment. When children realize that they can bring their imagination to life through electronic robot toysby utilizing problem solving skills, they’ll never want to quit playing with Ozobot. The sky is the limit for young coders, so get your kids started by breaking away from the mundane and encouraging a life of freedom of expression through programming.

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