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Ways to Boost Your SAT Science and History Analysis Skills

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There have been a lot of changes in the SAT question papers, with the students needed to now analyze passages that are based on Science and History. It is not at all easy to score high in this section. There are about 42 questions that are included in the reading section. These questions require you to make use of your hypotheses, weigh implications, and assess data. Improving the rhetorical segments of a passage is what a test taker should concentrate on. There are a lot of SAT coaching institutes in Bangalore, investing in the best is your choice.

You could practice these four activities regularly for about 2 months to ensure you get a good score on your SAT’s. In order to accompany each activity, create a notebook. This will for sure maximize the benefits of your revision.

  • Read high-quality science writing – There should be a lot of science activities that address some actual real issues in some high level of difficulty. The Scientific American, the Science Daily, and the Science News are some platforms that offer complex science documents for you to read and analyze and in turn boost your SAT science skills. These articles could be a direct subscript of the various science journals and research papers that will definitely come handy. The concentration of mass is shown using the colour density map. Record the details in your desired notebook and give a title and summary for the topic you just read. You can go over this a lot of times to ensure you are the best. Pay a lot of attention to the data in the research paper. In a reading test, the main aspect is the data interpretation. Try to hide the content on the research paper after reading through it and write it all down in the book without taking a glance at the paper.
  • Read high-quality general essays – The newspaper articles of the New York Times and the Economist are the main targets in this practice session. Notice the tone of the author’s article and write down the opinions of the author. You should also write down what you thought after reading the article. While doing your SAT test preparation Bangalore, ensure you are well prepared.
  • Read historical writings – It is a challenging issue to interpret historical writings. The English during those days were pretty much different when compared to modern-day English. Read a lot of general historical content and ensure you are able to figure out what is going in the author’s mind when he was writing the article. You should be able to summarize and organize the author’s points and his arguments.
  • Practice explaining concepts – Try to simplify your explanation every time you revise the whole chapter after reading. You should be able to teach the subject to someone who is relatively new to the field, such should be the level of preparation. Keep reading until you have understood the concept completely and are able to express it in terms of speech or a written summary. You are ready to ace your SAT exam by following these simple techniques that have proven to have helped a lot of people.
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