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Ways To Beat The Exam Stress

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Exam stress is unavoidable, even if you are a high achiever. Let’s look at some of the fun ways through which anyone can bust the exam stress much easily.

Ways To Beat The Exam Stress

Listen To Music:

Music is the food for soul for a lot of people out there. It elevates your mood and encourages the students to study much better and effectively. People recommend listening to classical music as it has shown to improve the brain power of a student more than the rest of the genres.

Do Brisk Walking:

If you happen to feel lazy and lethargic, and feel that you will be required to have the books around you all the time before the exams, you must indulge is some exercise to boost your brain power and memory. Taking a quick walk is surely going to help your relax a lot better. Exercising on a regular basis has positive effects not just on your body, but also the brain functionality.

Playing With Bubble Wraps And Pets:

Popping the bubble wraps is supposed to be a great stress reliever for people all over the world, and not just the students. Even playing with the pets has shown to boost the mood as well as relieves stress and anxiety among the students. But make sure not to barge in with your cats and dogs along with a bubble wrap to your local library if you really need to focus on your studies.

Get Sufficient Sleep:

One can never underestimate the power of this step of having a proper sleep at night. Especially, as a student, even if you stay up all day and night, at some point of the day, you may feel lack of motivation as well as concentration while studying. At that moment, your brain will tell you to sleep, and trust us, you must comply with it at the earliest. You will feel much revived and focused after you get enough sleep that is required by your brain.

Make Use Of Mobile Apps:

As an Android or iOS user, you may have a lot of mobile apps at your fingertips to download and use in order to stay organized or enhance the other areas of your study such as arithmetic or language skills. You will find millions of resources online to enhance your learning from every corner of the world. Make the most of such a facility.


Another way of taking a break from all the anxiety and exam stress is to meditate, which can be in the form of yoga as well. One feels much focused and relaxed after a good meditation session. It also helps to improve one’s mental and physical health, which is helpful in reducing the stress before the exams.

Eat Dark Chocolate:

The stress hormone, known as cortisol, is fought by consuming dark chocolate, which has around 70 percent of cocoa. It also has a relaxing effect on one’s body. Chocolate also releases endorphins, which are known to be the natural stress busters. So eat your dose of dark chocolate and stay relaxed in a bitter sweet way.

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Smith is the author of this guest post, and she loves to contribute her insights to Students ask her- Write my essay for me. But she insists them to do it on their own, especially with her stress busting techniques. She also teaches at a local college in the States.

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