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Waterproofing: a boon for your home

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Your home is the biggest asset of your life. You work hard to own a house, and once you become a homeowner, you work even harder to sustain it.

For a lot of people, sustaining a house means to ensure that their house is insured against any damage.

The most common source of damage today is water, which can unwillingly find its way to your house. It can enter in the basements when it gets accumulated in the foundation of the house, a little bit of leakage in the pipes or the roof, or even heavy rainfall can cause potential damage to your house.

No matter what is the source of water to enter your house, the consequences can cause a nuisance or even disaster . The best way to prevent the possible damage that can be caused by water is to do waterproofing.

What is waterproofing?

It is a method that prevents the penetration of water into your house.

Benefits of waterproofing:

  • Humidity in the house causes toxic mold to grow. This toxic substance can cause serious health issues like breathing disorders and clumsiness. It controls the humidity inside the house and thereby helps in keeping the house dry.
  • It helps in reducing the future loss of money. A house that suffers from leakage issues has to be repaired soon. This repair work requires a lot of money. So in order to avoid this situation it is always better to get a waterproofing procedure done.
  • Most importantly, it gives you a peace of mind. You do not have to see the clumsy house, or cracks in almost every wall with water drenching out from it.


Waterproofing Systems: To collect and remove the water that has been accumulated inside and outside your home, French drains and Sump pumps can be used. Which system is to be used depends upon the construction of your house, and the sources by which water seeps into the house.

Types of waterproofing:

  1. Brickbat Waterproofing:

This type of waterproofing seals the cracks in the walls that facilitate further entry to the unwanted water.

  • It conceals the unwanted watermarks.

A certain procedure is followed for waterproofing using this technique. They are:

The initial phase requires the cleaning the surface where waterproofing is to be done and then collecting the entire debris. Next needs an application of chemical and cement on the surface and lastly, fixing the china mosaic tiles.


  1. Poly Acrylic chemical coating waterproofing:

It is the expensive yet lasting ranges of waterproofing solutions. It begins with the preparation of the polyacrylic chemical required to cover the cracks, leakage in the walls and also the roof. It is a strong base and also provides strength to the structure.


The surface where waterproofing is to be done is cleaned; then the cracks are concealed by the polyacrylic coating. The final touch is added by using a second coat of acrylic coating along with the white cement.

  1. Pre-monsoon repairing of the roof:

It is best suited for the buildings that already have a problem of leakage and damage has already occurred. New structures can also use this technique to prevent the future damage that might be caused by leakage. This method should be used at least once a year as it adds life to the building and improves the quality by preventing the damage.

Water that unwillingly enters your house can cause severe damage and add to expenditure. It may destroy the furniture, rust the metal and even attract bugs to your house that can be dangerous for the people living in the house. It can even create a situation of jeopardy to the foundation of your house. These damages can be rectified by spending thousand of dollars, but some losses are irreplaceable.  It is thereby advised to Install a waterproofing system inside and outside your home before any potential loss occurs.It will leave you with an assurance that no matter what water won’t enter your house.

Waterproofing Experts : Building Envelope Consultants

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