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Want To Know Bhopal’s Mighty Past…? Its Architecture Is Ready To Show It To You!

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When you get to know the historical importance of Bhopal city, you’ll realize that there is no wonder why this city is often referred as “city of mosques”. This architecture of this city speaks loud about its mighty past. Before you think of searching for the good hotels in Bhopal, plan your trip wisely. Apart from the recreational spots, we suggest you to plan your trips to the following forts and palaces in Bhopal.

Want To Know Bhopal’s Mighty Past…? Its Architecture Is Ready To Show It To You!

Shaukat Mahal:

This isn’t just an ancient construction- Shaukat Mahal is an architectural wonder! It is designed to have a mix of European and Indo-Islamic styles. There are historical evidences that the design of this palace was made by a Frenchman. On the sight of this palace, you can easily figure out this is the odd one among other constructions of that time. The ceiling comprises of triangular shaped arches placed in series. White alabaster is used in the construction of this palace.

Sardar Manzil:

Sardar Manzil is situated close to Shaukat Mahal. Never miss out to visit this place when you make your trip to Shaukat Mahal. Being the entrance to Chowk area, the Manzil has always remained as a major tourists’ attraction. Constructed in red bricks and surrounded by attractive gardens, the appearance of Sandar Manzil is truly extravagant. At present it houses the Bhopal municipal corporation headquarters.

Rani Kamlapati Palace:

This palace speaks aloud the glorious history of Bhopal. This palace is named after the wife of Nawal Shah, Rani Kamalapati. The main part of this palace has now turned into the office for Archeological Survey of India and this is the only part of the palace, which is well maintained till date. The balconies face towards the lake and the arches stretch towards the garden. This entire construction was done on a huge wall of dam built in the time of King Bhoj.

Bhopal Taj Mahal:

You heard it right..! Bhopal too has another Taj Mahal of its own. It took 13 years to construct this palace during the years 1871 to 1884 and is considered as one of the largest palaces in the world of its time. This palace was actually name as “Raj Mahal” and was later renamed as Taj Mahal.

Gohar Mahal:

It is situated in the heart of the city and is the best example for the flawless amalgamation of Hindu and Mughal architecture. This palace is a perfect blend of the religious patterns, designs and decorations of this palace. The disturbing fact is that the maintenance of this palace isn’t effective. Efforts are being made to renovate this palace and restore its glory.

Moti Masjid:

Popularly known as “Pearl Mosque”, this Masjid adorns the heart of Bhopal city. This architectural masterpiece showcases the magnificent history of Begums in Bhopal. If you ever visited Delhi, you would definitely notice the similarities between the Jama Masjid and Moti Masjid. The cupolas on top of it and the white marble façade fetch the real beauty to this historical construction. The dark red towers embellished with golden spikes stand tall on either side of the mosque.

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