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Want To Earn More Money? Start Driver Jobs In Dubai

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Dubai is a dream destination for every job seeker, be it an IT professional or sales executive or a factory worker, if you get a job in Dubai means you are going to settle in the city for life. The city occupies top position over other cities in context to number of accessible jobs, attractive wages, professional growth and holiday grants.

Want To Earn More Money? Start Driver Jobs In Dubai

Profiles like car drivers, bus driver and truck drivers are very good employment options for those who don’t have necessary qualification or doesn’t wish to work within the confines of an office building. If we talk about the qualification for driver jobs in Dubai:

  • In-depth understanding of how to maintain vehicles along with regular checking of fuel supplies, oil changing and other tasks related to car parts.
  • Well trained drivers having the capability to drive the car in a safe and sound manner.
  • Follows the timings of company.
  • Works in accordance with traffic rules.
  • Candidates should be aware of Dubai roads.
  • Must be aware of driving laws of the country.
  • Candidates must have minimum of 1 year experience.
  • Last but not the least driver should be well mannered and presentable.

Most important thing which the drivers care for is the salary. Salary range of drivers in Dubai:

Drivers in Dubai earn on an average of 3500 AED but this can increase up to 4500-5500 AED. Working hours varies for drivers in the city anywhere between 8-12 hours.

Different types of drivers are required depending upon the job, like:-

  • Heavy vehicle driver – carries out rental vehicle delivery, vehicle check in and vehicle check out and responsible for loading and unloading vehicles and deliver heavy equipment.
  • Fire truck driver– responsible for regular checks of fire vehicles, respond to major emergencies. Participate in tactical exercise and scheduled drills.
  • Light vehicle driver – checks vehicle on the site before delivery.
  • House driver – only experienced drivers are required and the age limit is 40 years.
  • Logistics driver – delivers stock in a safe and efficient manner so that customer’s demands are met on time.
  • Heavy bus driver – they are required to work for the construction company based in Dubai.
  • Car driver – responsible to meet the requirement of the companies.
  • Motor bike drivers – they are responsible for customers delivery on time to the correct address safely. For this they require valid motorcycle license Dubai.
  • Pick-up driver – responsible to work for Construction Company with load more than 3 ton, accommodation and transportation benefits are provided by the company.
  • Buggy driver – meant to carry company radio all the time to ensure communication with team leader and other members. Communicate over radio frequencies as per training standards. Driver finds and explains the function and operation of all the vehicles.

Other important points should be taken care of by the candidates should be medically fit.

Registering on different job portals for free can also be of great help to get driver jobs in Dubai by updating your profile picture, and answering the entire question correctly.

Author Bio:- Neelam Gupta  is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.

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