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Visiting India’s Is Easy With Maharajas Express

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One of the basic problems every traveller faces while visiting the UNESCO heritage sites in India is the distance between each site and the lack of easy transport and good accommodation. Keeping this in mind, IRCTC along with its partners have chalked out a remarkable trip through South India.

Visiting India’s Is Easy With Maharajas Express

About The Tour

These seven nights, eight day tour will help you explore the amazing architecture of South India, enjoying the luxurious comfort of Maharaja Express. Tourists can embark the train from Mumbai and then it chugs off to specific locations in Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Couple of tours will be arranged, which will be between August and September, 2017.


Maharajas Express train will cover the heritage sites of Hampi and Pattadakal at first. Hampi is the ruins of the massive empire of Krishnadeva Raya. It was one of the richest cities of the world and is popular for the Virupaksha Temple. the fine statues of Jain deities is another attraction of the place. Pattadakal is known for its shrines, which exhibit Vesara style of architecture. It is also an open gallery of Dravidian and Nagara style of temple architecture. Your next visit is to Mysore, where the impeccable beauty of Mysore Palace and the aroma of sandalwood await your arrival. Mahabalipuram and Karaikudi of Tamil Nadu are the next destinations. The granite temples of the city exhibit various stories from the Great Indian epic, Mahabharata. This city is a landmark with its palatial houses built with limestone. Maharaja Express next takes you to the crystalline backwaters of Kerala. Tourists can rejuvenate themselves basking in the natural beauty of Alleppey or rejuvenating under the soft glow of the sun at the beaches of Kochi. Kumarakom is your next visit to check out the colourful birds of South India. After visiting the seven hilled metropolis, the train returns to Mumbai.

About Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express is considered as the luxuriest train in India. All the coaches are air conditioned with panoramic windows to give you a spectacular view of the terrains. While you spend the mornings round the heritage sites, evenings can be entertaining watching in-house movies and television.

Some of the other features of Maharaja Express are:
  • Individual temperature controlled rooms
  • DVD players
  • Direct dial telephone sets
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Round the clock attendants

The train comes with two dining cars, which serves the best global and Indian cuisines on Swarovski glasses, silver lined plates and hand cut cutlery. Sip the finest wine and beer at the bar lounge of the train. The club is also equipped with comfortable arm chairs.

Last but not the least, all the train staff are well versed in English and Hindi and hence foreign travellers do not have problem in communicating their issues and requirements.

Hence if you want to get a glimpse of all the South Indian heritage sites at one go this vacation, pack your bags and board Maharaja Express; the epitome of train luxury in India. Check the departure dates of Maharajas Express by visiting our website.

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