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Virtual Reality in Education

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From 2D to 3D and now the virtual reality. The world is moving towards a complete digitalization. Just like the virtual reality is now affecting every sector of life, education is another area where virtual reality is in use for teaching and learning. There are many advantages of using the virtual reality in the education. The virtual reality is enabling the large groups of students to interact with each other as well as with three-dimensional environment. The virtual reality is presenting the complex data in a very accessible, fun easy to learn a way to students.

Is there any need of it?

There is no doubt that everything that we used to do a decade ago is now changed. There was a time when every student used to write his own assignment but now taking to write my assignment has become a trend. Our age is a very fortunate one because now we cannot only have an insight on the computer generated simulation in the three-dimensional form. Since the introduction of virtual reality in education, students are interacting with the seemingly real illustrations of the things that they were only reading the books.

The growth of Virtual Reality:

The more virtual reality gadgets are getting common in public, the more schools and colleges are using it in their curriculum. Nowadays, the teachers who are either young or fresh graduate are more exposed to such type of technologies. That is why they are using it in their teaching methods as well. These teachers spend nights on finding the video tutorials and show it on 3D with the help of VR gadgets to make students understand better.

There are some of the uses of virtual reality in the education which is making the education more fun and entertaining than ever.

Virtual reality in astronomy teaching:

Astronomy teaching was near to impossible just by the books. But since the introduction of VR in the education, astronomy has become one of the most enrolled disciplines in the colleges and universities. Students are now learning the movement of stars and planets in the form of the video.

Virtual reality for the chemistry teaching:

I was one of the many students who always struggle in the subjects like chemical bonding and chemical equation. By portraying in the video form in the virtual reality, gadgets is the best way to teach students the relationship of different chemicals and to show them the explanatory videos of chemical reactions.

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