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Various Aspects Related To the Functioning of LED Light Bars

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LED lights are now used for a large range of applications. Due to their uses and advantages, they are increasingly becoming popular.

The functioning of LED lights

Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights allow electrical current to flow through semi conductors as a result of which the electrons become active resulting in the emission of photons, which is visible to us as light. The various terms associated with LED lights include:

  • Lumens which measure the total light produced from a source.
  • Raw lumens indicate the theoretical value of the quantity of light generated without considering optical and thermal losses.
  • Effective lumens indicate the actual amount of light generated by taking into consideration the optical and thermal losses.
  • The Ingress Protection Rating or IP rating which measures the degree of protection offered to the LED light.
  • The IP67 which indicates the resistance of the light from dust and its capability to withstand water immersion.
  • The IP68 rating which implies that the light is capable of withstanding complete water submersion and is dust tight.
  • The optical efficiency which implies the efficiency of the optical surfaces of the light.

Wattage or power supplied to LED lights plays a major role in determining their efficiency. LED lights typically operate on lower power. Operating on lower power can increase their life span. LED lights when operated on maximum power may generate very high temperatures. The high heat can damage the lights. It is hence important to maintain a balance between light output and power supplied in order to increase the life span of the LED lights.

The Benefits of LED lights

LED light bars are commonly used by farmers engaged in indoor farming. The bars offer flexibility and excellent coverage. While choosing LED bars, farmers generally evaluate the quantity of light a surface receives in unit time from a predefined distance. This analysis helps them to choose the best type of LED lights.

The light bars may be used in a number of configurations to maximize crop coverage. The shape of the bar allows them to be placed at any angle. The feature proves beneficial for farmers who may need to install the lights at diverse angles depending on the position of the crops.

While some farmers may place the light bars horizontally, others may use hinged systems or pulleys to place them at appropriate angles. The light bars may also be placed vertically or in a chain form. The light bars offer high flexibility to farmers.

The LED lights bars also provide farmers with extra space which can be used according to their requirements. These light bars can also offer higher coverage and cover a considerable amount of crop space. Bars placed in long lines provide sufficient light of optimum intensity which helps to ensure even growth of crops.

Light bars consisting of LED lights are a boon for indoor farmers. More and more farmers are now using the technology to enhance crop growth.

Baja Designs, Inc in California is a trusted name in the field of LED lighting. Visit their website and browse through the numerous types of light bars for all your needs. The products of the company have satisfied a large number of clients.

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