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Useful Smartphone Apps for Lawyers

2 Mins read

Smarpthones are essential tools for any professional and they are also useful for lawyers. There are apps that lawyers can install in their mobile devices.

  • Pocket Lawyer: This app crams all the encyclopaedic knowledge into your pocket. We will be able to prevent any kind of tricky legal situation. We will be able to know information related to common crimes and we will be provided with all details related to categories of sentences. We will be able to get a library’s worth of data in our smartphone.
  • FBI Handbook: This is a good app to understand the core procedures that are performed by the Federal Bureau Investigation. This will help lawyers to get more intimate knowledge about the inner working of the agency. They will get the knowledge that can be implemented in their professions.
  • Cliff Maier Reference Apps: It is an authoritative set of legal guides that are well presented and comprehensive. It is a legal reference app that we can use in our mobile device. The app can be accessed offline and it means that we will be able to obtain essential legal details even when the connection has dropped.
  • Court Days: It is an important date calculator that can be useful for lawyers. We will be able to handle cases, dates and statutes in a much more organized manner. Due to complex schedule, it can be hard for lawyers to keep up with the overall dates. The app should help us to easily calculate the days between important events and hours between meetings or sessions. This should be a handy app that we need to keep around. The app integrates with the smartphone’s built-in calendar function. We should be able to store and organize multiple dates on a single interface.
  • Case Mate: We will need to look after everything related to legal matters and list of cases may grow. The amount of information may need to be organized, if everything tends to increase. Without legal assistance from our digital devices, we may need to sift through so much piles of paper. We will be able to store all details that are relevant to our cases on our mobile devices.
  • Black’s Law Dictionary: It is also an endless base of knowledge that can help lawyers. It contains every legal acronym and definition, It should be a veritable stream of knowledge that come naturally for any lawyer We will not miss any opportunity to get definitive list of legal jargons.
  • QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite: It is not a replacement to standard office suites in laptops and desktop PCs. We will be able to create, edit and sent important information from our iPhone. Word and Excel documents can be created and edited from our smartphones. Any lawyer shouldn’t leave their office or home without this app.

Wikipanion: Wikipedia has given us so much knowledge and we no longer need to laboriously seek information in many websites. Wikipanion is a companion app that can help us to get information about various legal terms. Wikipedia also contains samples of famous legal cases, which are sometimes quite detailed, providing lawyers and students of law school with important case studies.

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