Use Internet and IP Phones To Move Your Business To Next Level

Use Internet and IP Phones To Move Your Business To Next Level

Internet and telephone have become in-separable parts of our life today. Be it personal or professional, everybody uses internet and the smart phones have become a necessity of life. You can get any kind of job done within no time by using your phone.

Internet protocol or simply IP plays vital role in bridging the gap between user and the target. In this all you need to do is simply plug in your phone to the LAN. Your phone will get automatically registered with the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP system.  Once the IP address is assigned you can connect your phone at any part of the world.

How this System Works?

These phone systems are built on PC or most commonly known as embedded hardware. These phone systems are cost effective than your conventional phones. One of the most important factor in this is that you can add as many phones as you want. This means as your company grows you can keep adding the phones without altering the IP.

The phone system uses VoIP technology, which means the calls you are going to make, will be routed through the internet. Hence, you can contact anyone in any corner of the world without spending much on your phone bills. All it takes is internet charges, which are very minimal as compared to the traditional phone lines.

Basically, the internet based phones work on the following technologies:

  • Session Initiation Protocol which is popularly known as SIP
  • Skinny Client control Protocol which is popularly known as SCCP
  • Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol which is popularly known as IAX

Among the above mentioned technologies, the SIP has gained lots of popularity among all industries. The whole system consists of regular desk sets and soft phones. Both work on the software application, which is capable of handling voice conversion from analog to digital.

Some of the salient features of these phone systems are:

  • The phone will have both speaker and microphone
  • Keypad, you can select either touch screen or soft keys
  • Power source which is capable of converting AC to DC
  • Ethernet ports, through which you can supply the power to the phones
  • Inbuilt software which can convert the voice into digital signals
  • To identify the caller, there will be a caller ID facility
  • Inbuilt memory to store contacts which can be directly retrieved during communication
  • You can transfer, hold park the call
  • Connect multiple phones to conduct conferences
  • Different options to dial the number or person

As the user’s needs keep increasing the IP Phone manufactures are offering you with various facilities and specially designed applications. Depending upon your business requirement, you can choose from the wide range of phones.

By installing these highly sophisticated and user friendly phones, you can make your life easy. You will be able to communicate effectively with your clients, which will also reduce your efforts.