Best Ways To Prevent Data Loss For Startups

Almost all major businesses faced with data breach at one point of time. However, big business houses can make up for that because of their reputation and brand name. But for startups, it can be a very serious issue because they are new to the business and a data breach can potentially end their business. Nowadays, most of the data are stored in pen drives or hard disks, hence it is very important to make sure their data is secured.

In order to prevent any form of data loss, your startup should consider the following points:

Data Backup

The best way to prevent data loss is by saving data your regularly. It is very important to create backups of all the important documents; it should ideally be done at least once every week, but it varies from business to business. Every computer has an built-in feature which allows you to back up your data. There are also many external backup software which can provide you with more features. Try to store your data in more than one device such as pen drives and hard disks.

Use a VPN

Your data is most vulnerable when you are traveling. By using a local Wi-Fi connection, you are putting your data at massive risk; hence, it is advisable that you subscribe to a VPN connection. By using a VPN, no one will be able to access any of your information. You can also go for a personal hotspot. Also, make sure that your hard disks are always with you while traveling and no one gets access to it, even for one second.

Beware of E-mail Attachments

Before opening any email from any unknown address, make sure that you scan it. Majority of the viruses enters your computer through email attachments.

Encrypt your Data

According to data recovery specialists, this is extremely important especially if you use portable storage devices like pen drives or external hard disks. Almost everyone has heard about the term encryption, but very few people actually does it. It is a very simple process, and you have to do it only once. If you encrypt the data in your pen drive or hard disk, then even if someone gets hold of it, he won’t be able to view your documents. Unless they know your password, they won’t be able to access any of your files.

Use Powerful Password

Encryption will only be successful if your password is strong enough. The password should be long and a combination of alphabets, digits and numbers. Even a strong password can be hacked, but you have to make it as difficult as possible.

Hire a Security Specialist

A security specialist will make sure that your startups’s network is absolutely secure. He or she will also train all the employees about how to ensure data security. It may be slightly difficult for a startup to hire a security expert because they generally charge high fees. But it is definitely worth of your money as they will ensure that all your data and the data stored on your portable devices are secure.

Educate your Partners

Just like your employees, you should make sure that your business partners are also aware about the security protocol of your company. Their networks can also be used to access files on your server, hence you should ask them to take proper security measures as well.

Keep Antivirus updated

Make sure that you have the latest version of the antivirus program you are using. As it gets old, there will be more loopholes and your data can be breached easily.