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Urgent Care Is Growing Popular and Tips to Make Visit Much Better

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Your new born is struggling with diarrhea or your spouse suddenly slipped in on a wet surface, so you desire to double-check if her leg has any fracture issue. Whatever is the reason, a visit to urgent care clinic dominates your mind. It is surveyed that millennial [42%] use urgent care clinic rather than doctor’s office or emergency room in comparison to baby boomers or Gen X [20% to 25%]

Reasons people are heading for Urgent Care

Some of the factors responsible for surge in visiting urgent care include –


In the US, there are around 7,400 urgent care clinics. Majority of which are located in local malls and shopping centers.

Easy to schedule

You can walk-in the Colorado Springs urgent care to see healthcare doctor without any need to schedule an appointment. According to 2017 study, appointment time scheduling has escalated 30%, since 2014. Therefore, this is a huge advantage.


Urgent care is chosen over medical channels like hospital visits, especially for cost saving. Average cost for common medical treatment is $155.

Besides these factors the biggest disadvantage of urgent care clinics is regarding their care quality. According to survey urgent care was got 59% good ranking in comparison to 79% special doctor and 65% for hospital care. The issue is in communication, as per some doctors.

Changing of how urgent care clinic operates cannot be changed but you can prepare yourself with the following ways to ensure that you obtain the essential care.

Tips to make your visit to urgent Care Clinic much better

Find a Clinic

Finding urgent healthcare clinic close to your residence is made easy using Google. Local search will help to narrow your options. Choose ones near your kid’s school, your home, and your work. You need to be equipped with 2 to 3 options. Enter the location of the clinic in your mobile phone and keep list in your car, child’s backpack, wallet, and even at home. This information needs to be handy as you are not aware when it will be needed.

Be familiar with your Health Insurance

Health insurance is complex. Therefore, get familiar with your coverage to avoid unexpected bill, post visiting the urgent care clinic. Check your policy to see if urgent care clinics are covered or not. To double-check call the listed urgent care clinic and find out.

Both the tips given above need some homework. It helps to ease your mind as you are prepared and know where to go in case of sudden non-life-threatening health care treatment needs.

What are regarded as urgent Medical conditions?

Urgent medical conditions are not emergencies but need care within 24 hours. Examples include –

  • Cuts which don’t bleed but need stitches
  • Falls and accidents
  • Eye redness & irritation
  • Mild to moderate breathing problems
  • Flu & fever
  • Moderate back pain
  • Sprains & strains
  • Severe cough or sore throat
  • Minor broken bones & fractures in toes and fingers
  • Vomiting & diarrhea
  • Skin rashes & infection
  • Urinary tract infection

It is wise to call your primary healthcare provider, when you are in terrible need, during night-time. Even if your doctor is not available there will be medical staff, who will guide you in right direction. You can ask about possible appointment. If they find that you need instant attention then they direct you to urgent care clinic.

If you decide to visit the urgent care clinic then take someone along. As you are already frazzled, it is good to have a friend or family accompany you. With them driving you will feel comfortable on the road and even at the urgent care clinic.

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