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Types Of Gastric Bypass Surgery Explained

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There are many gastric bypass surgeries.  Each of them bypasses the intestine (small), and a few of them lessen the size of the tummy. It is better to discuss with your local doctor to know which gastric bypass surgery Arizona is suitable for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing different types of gastric bypass surgery.

Read further to know what they are.

Types of Gastric Bypass

  1. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

It is a very common gastric bypass procedure. In a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, a surgeon staples the stomach to make a tiny pouch that holds less amount of food. This procedure is restrictive, malabsorptive, and highly successful for weight reduction.

  1. Biliopancreatic Diversion Gastric Bypass

Biliopancreatic diversion is not so common in gastric bypass surgery in Tucson. As compared to Roux-en-Y, it is more complicated. BPD mainly restricts food intake. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a section of the lower stomach. This procedure is meant for patients suffering from severe obesity and having a body mass index above 50.

The doctor recommends this procedure to patients if he or she is suffering from health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, heart ailment, and many others.

What can the patient expect from a Biliopancreatic diversion?

There can be a probability of 70 to 80 percent weight reduction in the first couple of years. However, the weight reduction will entirely rely upon the changes in the patient’s lifestyle. Besides that, any other medical problems that were associated with obesity would be resolved.

The surgeon after your surgery may recommend a diet plan that you need to follow to achieve the best results.

What can a patient expect from an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty?

This procedure might cause a great reduction in weight. As per many studies, it has been revealed that 17.8 kilograms are reduced for the person who has a BMI of 38 within 6 months and 19 kilograms within a year.

How is a gastric bypass different from a lap band?

A lap band or gastric band is a prevalent weight loss surgery. It is different from the gastric bypass procedure. A gastric band is restrictive, meaning it restricts the food absorption in bariatric patients, whereas a gastric bypass is always malabsorptive and at times restrictive.

Both the procedures have benefits and drawbacks. Check with your nearby doctor to know which surgery is appropriate for you.

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