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Types Of Equipment You’ll Find Helpful While Working In The Oil Industry

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Potential investors in the oil industry often don’t understand how drilling works. Many questions arise, including what equipment to use, and the whole process may seem daunting and complicated. But worry not, below are some of the equipment necessary in the oil industry.

Types Of Equipment You'll Find Helpful While Working In The Oil Industry

Shake Shakers

Shake shakers in an important tool used in the separation of cuttings (solids) from the mud (fluids). After separating the two, the fluids are useful in keeping the drill bit cool. Separating the two reduces environmental impact and drilling costs since the fluids get used later in the drilling process. The cuttings (solids) get disposed of after separation. Additionally, proper controlling of mud is directly related to the efficiency of other equipment downstream.


After separating the cuttings and mud, the gas and air trapped in the mud need removal. Degassers are crucial equipment for removing gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. The removal of these gases increases safety by reducing gas explosion risks.

Degasser is available in two types, the vacuum degasser and the atmospheric degassers. The vacuum degasser works by reducing pressure inside the vessels. On the other hand, the atmospheric degasser works by spreading fluids on a large surface using a propeller.

Mud Cleaners

As previously mentioned, the fluids separated from the large solids are useful in keeping the drill bit cool. However, the fluids must get cleaned before reaching the drill. When the fluids are too thick, they may stop the drilling, which causes downtime.

The mud cleaner prevents large solids from entering the fluid with its tiny holes. The mesh only allows small particles to pass. It’s not only helpful in the current drilling activities but can help in future drilling projects.

Sand Pump

There are many pumps used in a drilling site, but sand pumps are helpful in moving deposits. They are often used to remove sand from oil and other fluids. The particles get transported using pipes away from the drilling site. Sand pumps clean and maintain oil tanks and replace machinery and manual labor in moving particles away from the site. Additionally, sand pumps move other materials despite their name.

Stabbing Guide

Poor alignment of pipes during the drilling process may lead to downtime resulting from damaged pipes. Stabbing guides are, therefore, equipment used for accurate aligning of pins to box threads. They ensure a damage-free pipe connection.

They enhance pipe handling safety due to reduced risk of damages to bail arms, tube threading, and joint elevators. Additionally, they can also help in protecting against corrosion, impact, and extreme temperatures.

It is important to note that drilling equipment needs to be of API standards. You can either get them from manufactures or fracking equipment rental. Remember that you also need many other tools apart from the few mentioned above.

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