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Treatment of Dandruff In Children

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The problem of dandruff is well known and figuring out that your child is suffering from it is not easy. The moment you witness symptoms you need to take precautions to combat it. If you come across white flakes on the shoulders of baby’s shoulder or their scalp is full of oily flakes, the child scratching their head on a regular basis are all symptoms of dandruff. Red patches could emerge on the scalp of your baby due to constant itching.

If your child is suffering from dandruff, then there is no need to worry about any serious issues to their scalp. But if it turns on to some serious condition, the scalp of the child could be inflamed and become red. It is on the rarer side but if such a symptom appears it is best to consult your doctor. They are going to suggest a remedial measure for treatment.

  • The use of a proper medicated shampoo can cope up the dandruff problem in children. Though a regular best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff can provide a solution to the problem, but they can pester it more. Availing the services of a skin specialist would be beneficial as they can guide you on the type of medicated shampoo to use. This would help the condition of your child to be better. Ketomac Dandruff treatment shampoo proves to be effective in dealing with the problem in kids. It is safe to be used on the kids
  • The main cause of dandruff is the body being dehydrated along with the dry condition have a huge role. Do ensure that your child is hydrated at all times. Ask them to increase their intake of water. If they are not doing it provide them with measured quantities of water on a timely basis. It would surely improve the dandruff condition.
  • Before you are planning to apply medicated shampoo make it a point that the hair of your child is brushed. On brushing you remove the dead skin cells along with the flakes to a considerable extent. In this way you can ensure maximum efficiency from the shampoo.
  • Just make it a point that your child does have their own shampoo along with towel and they need to be using it at all times. When they share their towels or comb the germs can get transferred to another person. With separate towels along with combs you ensure that the problem of dandruff does not spread.
  • Once again the fact that emerges is that malnutrition can cause dandruff. Just make it a point that your child is receiving proper nutrition on a regular basis. So your diet should include plenty of fruits along with green and leafy vegetables. To maintain moist and healthy skin consumption of proteins along with carbohydrates is also suggested. All this would completely remove dandruff.

You need to clean the scalp regularly and shampooing should be part of your schedule. It ensures that the scalp of your child is healthy and moist.

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