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Transportation Projects

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As cities and populations grow so does the need to improve the infrastructure. Take Beirut for example which is the fastest growing region in the Middle East but with that comes upgrading the transportation facilities. In order for this to be successful, a good practical design is required. Mohamed Hamdoun with his wealth of knowledge and his team of experts have been involved with the Beirut Port Expansion.

Middle East

It is not only the material handling part of the port that requires upgrading but the total surrounding buildings as well. This would include the waterfront development in line with the City’s plans to become known as a Mediterranean Cruise Capital. It includes community activities, markets events and exhibitions. Archistyle & Design have the team that has successfully consulted on these matters and instrumental with some of the designs seen around the new development.

Mohamed Hamdoun has vested interests in the United States as well. With his ability to communicate in English or Arabic is able to consult on both sides of the ocean. America also has some huge projects that are being undertaken to improve their transport systems such as the Tappan Zee Bridge. It is projects like these that have demonstrated the expertise that Mohamed Hamdoun brings to the table.

United States

It is not only huge multi-billion projects where architects play an essential role but there are plenty of smaller ones that are just as important. Cities, when they were first built, did not take into the consideration the importance of cycling and pedestrian traffic. However, in this modern day and age, the need is becoming more important and one such expansion that has taken place is the pedestrian and bike-friendly street improvements in Los Angeles.

Archistyle & Design have the resources to successfully, plan and supervise to completion projects like the improvements that have been made during the MyFigueroa street improvements. This will allow the pedestrians and bikers to travel with minimal delays through this section of Los Angeles.

As long as there are growing populations and changing needs there will always be a need for changing transport systems. Bridges that were built years ago are no longer adequate to safely handle the transport volume that is present today. Therefore new bridges need to be built that will withstand the current volume of traffic as well as the predicted growth of vehicles. Like it is demonstrated with the Tappan Zee Bridge the team at Archistyle & Design are well equipped to design, oversee and complete multi-billion projects.


The advantage of using a company such Archistyle & Design is that they have the experience of diverse cultures being involved with projects in the Middle East and the United States. Any type of construction project requires the approval of the specific municipalities and having an architect such as Mohamed Hamdoun who is fluent in both languages makes the negotiation that much easier.

Archistyle & Design have demonstrated in both these regions that their designs and projects were completed successfully. The projects that they are involved with now are also on schedule and within budget such as the developments that are taking place with the Beirut Port expansion.

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